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Study in the United States CS elite introduction

2018-04-30 09:36:00

Since the world's first digital computer was born in the United States in the 1940s, the computer industry and academia in the United States have always occupied an absolute advantage in the world. Because the computer science is still developing rapidly, the application competition for CS majors in American universities is still very fierce. 1 CarnegieMellonUniversityCMU Carnegie Mellon university department of computer science is one of the earliest established the department of computer science in the United States, has been upgraded to a school of computer science (SchoolofComputerScience). In CMU's teaching and scientific research projects, the research in the field of robotics has been in a leading position in the world. In terms of overall curriculum design, CMU abandons the overemphasis on traditional discrete mathematics, but pays attention to the research of probability, algebra, algorithm, encryption theory, complexity theory and game theory at the beginning of enrollment, and closely combines the interest and practicality of learning. 2 MassachusettsInstituteofTechnology as CMU along with the United States at the Massachusetts institute of technology computer school, MIT's computer science not into independent computer college, but took the following seven major research groups and laboratories, including: Design and optimization of computer processing (ComputationforDesignandOptimization), computational structure (ComputationStructuresGroup), economics and science of computer research (CenterforComputationalRese ArchinEconomicsandManagement), computer architecture research (ComputerArchitectureGroup), computer graphic (ComputerGraphicsGroup), computer lab (ComputerResourceL Aboratory) and computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory (ComputerScienceandArtificialIntelligenceLaboratory). The MIT department of electrical engineering and computer science (DepartmentofElectricalEngineeringandComputerScience, EECS) is attracting the world's computer students the temple. Founded in 1965, the Department of Computer Science at StanfordUniversity is a national and world leader in computer theory, hardware, software, databases, and artificial intelligence. In the IT world famous, founded by the four Stanford alumni SUN name is actually "StanfordUniversityNetwork" acronym, and jerry Yang of Yahoo was at Stanford university. At the UniversityofCalifornia, Berkeley, the Department of Computer Science is part of the CollegeofEngineering, but because of its separate departments and teaching arrangements, Therefore, it occupies a very important position in the whole school. Like Stanford, the University of California, Berkeley, shares in the enormous benefits of Silicon Valley's rapid growth. At present, the computer science curriculum of Berkeley adopts a mixed and diversified model, focusing on cultivating students' programming ability and independent research ability. 5 UniversityofIllinoisatUrbana - ChampaignUIUC's department of computer science at the university of Illinois at urbana-champaign was founded in 1972, belongs to the same school of engineering. In the field of computer science, the university led the development of early supercomputers in the United States. The National Supercomputer Application Program (NCSA) is also based at UIUC, and the software developed by the institute, InternetExplorer(IE), has become the most widely used Internet browser in the world. Compared with UIUC and other schools, the computer science department of PrincetonUniversity is obviously small in scale, with less than 30 professors, it is hard to imagine that this is a top university with a high reputation in both academia and industry. However, Princeton's faculty not only has Turing Award winners, but also many experts and professors in the computer industry, making the school a hall for computer students to aspire to. Founded in 1965, the Department of Computer Science at CornellUniversity is also part of the College of Engineering and currently has about 120 graduate students and 45 professors. The Cornell Computer Science Department conducts research in a wide range of fields, including networks, operating systems, algorithms, computational theory, multimedia, artificial intelligence, and graphics processing. The Computer science department at the UniversityofWisconsin-Madison has more than 200 graduate students and enrolls about 100 new students each year. In the research field, the database and computer architecture research of the University of Wisconsin-Madison has always occupied a leading position in the computer industry. The school also has strong scientific research strength in system software design, and has undertaken a large number of scientific research projects in the field of satellite image processing in the United States. 9 UniversityofTexasatAustin, the university of Texas at Austin, the university of Texas in Austin, department of computer science belongs to the natural sciences (CollegeofNaturalSciences), the department has 45 full professors, scientific research strength. 10 CaliforniaInstituteofTechnologyCIT at the California institute of computer science in terms of scale is the smallest in the top 10 schools, a total of only 14 full professors. However, CIT has strong research strength in computer hardware and visualization of scientific computing, as well as a good reputation in computer software, so it has consistently held a place in the top 10 schools over the years.