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Study in Germany: [1] Schools and specific majors

2018-04-02 08:00:32

Generally speaking, whether you want to read a certain major or the major of graduate school is limited by the undergraduate major, when choosing a school this step, the major is determined, at least to be determined. So the question now is, which schools offer this major? Of course, the method is still to search the Internet, students are generally not able to find the book provided by the Bundesagentur in Germany, just like the super thick book of volunteering after the college entrance examination. What I recommend here is the web page of, which is more complete and convenient to search. It is similar in nature to an educational channel under the portal. Open the webpage and you can log in. Click STUDIUM saw a box down three options From top to bottom, in turn, is to want to learn to type this graduation where what is don't know how to fill in the can check all in order to get to the next interface with engineering as an example, we select engineering click Suchen into the upper left to the same page number is how many search results. If we cross the engineering option at the top and click on the trashcan icon, we can start from this page and you can see that this page has 16,643 specialties in Germany. Basically cover the following categories are proposed in accordance with different requirements of the screening conditions, there is a large professional direction, graduation type, is not a normal major, is not an international course, the type of university, the opening semester and so on the blank can fill in the keywords. Let's take a specific example now: this student is a graduate student in vehicle engineering and plans to go to Uni to start school in winter. According to this requirement, 19 options are selected one by one. Because vehicle engineering is a big project that will be broken down in detail, especially for graduate students. So you also need to check the major you eventually want to take, and the school that offers this major. After checking it, we can see TU Berlin, and if you go in, you can see the specific information of the major and the school, and the way of the school, you can check the official website or send email to communicate