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Standard three circumference reference

2018-03-31 12:48:11

In human body measurements, the three measurements are bust/waist/hips, usually abbreviated as B/W/H or C/W/H for men. Circumference is written as xx-yy-zz, and the unit of measurement is centimetres or inches. Girth is often used in fashion, and almost exclusively on women. Although many people say that 92-61-92cm(36-24-36 inches) is the ideal size, the optimal size for women of different races and heights varies. Do you know what a standard measurement looks like? If you do not know, then you look at the following formula, that is your goal!


Bust = Height X 0.51 (e.g., standard bust =160cm X 0.51=81.6cm) Waist = height X 0.34 (e.g., standard waist =160cm X 0.34=54.4cm) Hip = height X 0.542 (e.g., standard waist =160cm X 0.34=54.4cm) For example: standard hip circumference of 160cm =160cm X 0.542=86.72cm)


Standard size reference height 170cm 164cm 158cm 152cm Chest 88cm 86cm 84cm 80cm waist 68cm 66cm 64cm 62cm hip 94cm 90cm 86cm 82cm (Note :1 inch =2.54cm)


New fashion formula standard weight (kg) = (height - 100 cm) standard hip circumference (cm) x 0.9 = height (cm) x 0.54 standard chest circumference (cm) = height (cm) standard waist circumference (cm) x 0.53 = height (cm) x 0.37 standard thigh length (cm) = Height (cm)×0.3 standard calf length (cm)= Height (cm)×0.26


Taking the height of 165cm as an example, the standard is: weight 52kg, chest circumference 87cm, waist circumference 61cm, hip circumference 89cm, thigh length 50cm, calf length 43cm.


Chest training: the chest to be beautiful, the most important thing is the shape of symmetry, in the effective, safe, economic, convenient and other four principles, the recommendation is: the ideal circumference of animation characters 1, massage and exercise: when you have time to do more breast massage and chest expansion exercise, so that the breast is more flexible, natural firm. Be careful not to casually use chest cream, so as to avoid allergic side effects. Just rub your chest with your fingers a lot before going to bed, and stretch your hands when you take extra breaks at work. Put one hand behind the head, and massage the other hand from inside to outside around the chest. When the skin is slightly hot, switch hands and then do the other side. When acupressure is matched with the following acupoints, essential oil massage, 5 seconds each time, 5 to 6 rounds at a time, more magical effect. With cold shower massage, the colder the better. 2, flushing cold water: do not use too hot water to scrub the chest, try to use the shower head will warm water or cold water on the chest impact, you can make the areola color and breast shape more beautiful. 3, nutrition: many girls because of fear of fat, often do not eat, that also do not eat, but the breast is a kind of organ full of fat, refused to have oil and water girls, is not able to have a big chest. So to strengthen the chest, the first step is to supplement the nutrition. The best way to supplement it is to eat a daily breakfast with multigrain rice or whole wheat bread, a glass of milk a day, and a vitamin a day. 4, sufficient blood gas: the breast is a symbol of women, so to make yourself full of femininity, be sure to pay attention to whether the blood circulation is normal. Pay attention to whether your menstrual cycle is normal, whether the amount of menstrual bleeding is too much or too little, whether the menstrual blood color is black or light, if there are these problems, quickly go to consult obstetricians and gynecologists or traditional Chinese medicine doctors, so that experts can help you keep fit. Maintenance: Be sure to wear a bra with strong support, not to be greedy and cool without wearing a bra, and often do chest exercises, once every two days, so that the breasts remain strong and elastic for a long time. Waist practice: Twist waist tight abdominal formula - twist waist and then bend the body, tight abdominal fat reduction together. 1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands in your waist. 2. Slowly inhale and turn the upper body to the right for 10 seconds. Then slowly inhale and return to the original state. 3. Slowly exhale and bend the body to the right side, maintain ten seconds after inhalation to restore the original state and then change sides to bend. 4. Waist twisting and bending can make the waist feel stretched, which is especially effective for waist fat. Maintenance: If the waist muscles have been relaxed, you should use a high-quality breathable belt and often do waist exercises. Hip lift 1. Take a kneeling position and place your hands shoulder-width apart on the ground. 2. Move your left knee toward your chest as far as possible and stop for 5 seconds, then slowly lift it up (lower leg at 90 degrees), stop for 5 seconds and then lower it. 3. Repeat 30 times before switching sides. 1. Lie on your back with your feet bent and your hands shoulder-width apart. 2. Abdominal contraction, hip clamp and lift up to inhale, stop for 5 seconds and then put down to exhale. 3. Repeat 30 times. With the diet: Home-made tofu can eat a good butt. Butt Lift 3 1. Slide your separated heels inward and hold for three seconds. 2. Pivot your toes and lift your heels back to Figure 1. 3. Repeat both movements 5-10 times a day. Buttocks up the exercise method: 1. Focus on the heels, toes open 90 degrees, the body stand up straight. a. Feel your hips with your hands. When touching the buttocks with the hands, slide the heels to the sides and spread them out with the big toe as the axis. At this point, the hips will gradually relax and spread out to the sides. b. Then slide the foot back to the original place, you can feel the tightness of the hip. Do this over and over again. 2. Visualize yourself getting in shape As you do hip lifts, visualize yourself getting in shape. In fact, the image of the body affects the body, determining whether your hips are tight and beautiful, or sagging. This is crucial. If you feel that doing butt lifts every day is too boring, then relax and exercise your butt with the accompaniment of beautiful romantic music. Maintenance: Do not wear too little fabric and narrow underwear, especially more than 30 years old and have given birth to buttock muscles have sagged and relaxed women, it is best to often wear elastic and can wrap the entire buttock and abdomen underwear. Weight loss proverbs give you a reminder: summed up the "weight loss proverbs" more stairs: stairs are an excellent weight loss tool, you can use the opportunity to go upstairs, raise your legs with the whole foot each step, down the toes first, and then the whole sole of the foot, try to walk, you will feel that tiptoe walking, but the effort can make the lower body effectively lose weight. Soak bath: Choose a special time, pick a favorite bath solution, soak a beautiful bubble bath, while reading, listening to music, after the bath will make you happy, full of vitality. Early to bed and early to rise: the human body should obey the law of natural change, "early to bed and early to rise, wide step in court", nap at noon, to the brain "recharge", make people full of spirit and clear mind. Eat a good breakfast: Nutritionists believe that eating a good breakfast can make people's metabolism start in the morning, and eating more small meals and eating less fatty foods can ensure that your energy is relatively balanced throughout the day. Physical activity: Every day may wish to exercise more physical activity, such as taking time to walk, practice, boxing. Exercise increases your heart rate, improves blood circulation, and improves your body's ability to use oxygen. It can also adjust the body condition so that the fatigue of one muscle does not spread to other muscles. Often listen to music: often choose to listen to inspiring, eliminate fatigue, full of charm music, such as Mendelssohn's "Spring song" and "Backgammon", "Carnival", "Golden snake dance", etc., can make people relaxed and full of vigor. Summary of experience: impatient can not eat hot tofu, not afraid of slow exercise process, because the heart has always had a belief - will become more perfect, starting from the body, from the good mind, so, when the body shaping, a good attitude is the most important.