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Stable site ranking 6 methods

2018-04-01 19:12:37

Stable ranking is a long-term continuous work, the update and maintenance of every link of the webmaster must be stable and regular, can not be interrupted, seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages, regular promotion, as always, patiently insist on careful maintenance of the website in order to obtain a stable ranking




Website credit The credit of the website involves the quality of content and the frequency of publication, the quality of the external chain and the frequency of increase. If the article and the external chain quality is high, through a certain amount of time accumulation, the search engine will give your station a higher score. High website credit can speed up the release time of website articles, the ranking of home keywords is more and more stable, and a large number of long-tail keywords get a good ranking. But remind you to remember: do not fish for three days, or the search engine will give the site bad reviews.


An external chain with high quality and a large number of websites will have a great advantage in keyword rankings. To attract more high-weight websites to vote to score, rather than low-quality external chains. Secondly, it is also recommended that everyone pay attention to: if you are replying to other people's posts on their own website when plain text links, pay attention to whether there are N people like you. If there are a bunch of sites that leave this kind of link when you include a post, then you can get very little weight. This principle is also suitable for home page links.


Site optimization, speed and stability, website value site navigation, layout, structure, code, etc., should be reasonable. Code is recommended that you can use webmaster tools SEO recommendations detection. As for website speed and stability, good space is a strong guarantee for good ranking, independent IP two-line or multi-line space is the best. Finally, the value of the website requires the content of high quality, scarcity, timeliness.


User satisfaction search engines can calculate the number of new and old visitors and habits of the website, website UV, PV, stay time, bounce rate, etc., so as to determine how attractive the website is. Wen Jun information suggested that if your website new visitors continue to increase, old visitors continue to accumulate, while PV and other indicators continue to rise, then the search engine will give you a good score.


Post analysis of website traffic is about whether the popularity of the website, is a key real-time data stream, analysis, users through the inbound word, the word is naturally the most popular, high search volume is can bring about certain conversion and thus better optimization.


Website update frequency to keep the website updated optimized website has a close relationship, you can also edit a high-quality information to improve the website ranking, increase the number of pages, because the needs of any corporate website is one of the largest search engines is mainly to solve the problem of finding information, according to the actual needs of users to change the direction of the site information, with the development of the website, The way to stand outside promotes change, attracts more users, and makes specific adjustments for users.

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