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Snack - The practice of baking cold noodles

2018-02-20 06:24:00

Ingredients details: slices of cold noodles, cilantro, onion, sugar and vinegar chili sauce, cooking oil production steps 1. I'm going to get all the ingredients, I'm going to dice the coriander and the onion, and I'm going to put the chilli sauce, the garlic sauce that you always have in the bowl. Add some water, it's not too salty, it can make a soup, break the eggs. Everything is ready. Start to do 2. Pour a little oil, not too much, just put the cold noodles in, smooth it.3. Add a beaten egg 4. Turn over carefully, do not break, it is better to make the egg a little more even.5. When the eggs are cooked, add some vinegar along the side of the pan to make the eggs float, turn them over for a while, and then turn them into hot sauce, white sugar, coriander and onion.6. My habit is to first turn the right side over 1/3, and then turn the middle two layers to the left, this is the effect after turning over 7. Just cut it with a family shovel. I always put the knife in the first time. 8. I put a little bit of hot sauce at the end, so that there is no soup is good. 9. There are some red sausage and duck meat at home, so I put them in the pot for a while, and I don't need to worry about dinner