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Six tips for saving energy in your fridge

2018-03-30 19:12:23

Refrigerator is now almost every necessary electrical appliances, the use of refrigerator can be in the hot summer weather, food preservation, to prevent food deterioration, stale, but the refrigerator is also an energy-consuming electrical appliances, the refrigerator often meets a lot of electricity, today Xiaobian for everyone to share some refrigerator power saving tips.


The things in the refrigerator can not be stored too much, too full, to leave enough space for the refrigerator, if the accumulation is too full, it will increase the power consumption of the refrigerator, the general refrigerator inside the food, accounting for 65% of the refrigerator power saving effect is the best,


The frozen layer of the refrigerator will be a layer of frost on the surface for a long time, if the thickness is not large, you can not clean it (5 mm is the critical point), if more than 5 mm, it is best to use tools to clean the cream, the frost around the refrigerator is too thick, it will also increase the power consumption of the refrigerator,


When the refrigerator is placed, it should not be close to the wall, and the wall should be kept about 10 cm away. If the distance from the wall is too close, it will affect the heat dissipation effect of the refrigerator, resulting in the power saving effect of the refrigerator is not ideal, increasing the power consumption of the refrigerator.


Reasonable use of various parts of the refrigerator, the temperature of each part of the refrigerator is different, so when we put food should also be adapted to local conditions. The minimum temperature of the freezer can store some fresh fish and meat, and the highest temperature can be placed in the place near the door of the refrigerator, and some foods that are not too low in temperature requirements can be put, such as eggs.


When using the refrigerator, try not to open and close the door frequently, it is best to take it all at once, because the refrigerator door is open and closed, it is also very power consuming, so try to take things when using the refrigerator, and close the refrigerator door to achieve the effect of saving electricity.


Some leftover dishes, or soup in the refrigerator before, be sure to ensure that these leftovers, leftovers temperature down, in the refrigerator, otherwise if the leftovers are not cool into the refrigerator, on the one hand affect the quality of food, on the other hand will consume electricity.

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