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Sinopec high temperature operation protection experience

2018-04-24 17:36:42

In petrochemical enterprises, there are a large number of high-temperature jobs. Such as oil field shale open pit mining, catalytic cracking unit "three" post, coking unit residue pump house; All kinds of heating furnaces, cracking furnaces, boilers, baking furnaces, etc., high temperature can make people uncomfortable, work efficiency decline, and even cause failure, so how to do a good job of protection, teach you a few tips experience. Technical measures 1, the use of local or comprehensive mechanical ventilation or forced cold air to reduce the operating environment temperature. 2, in the high-temperature operation room, build an isolated operation room, send cold air to the room or install air conditioning. 3. Carry out process reform to achieve remote automatic operation. 4, in accordance with GB4200-84 "high temperature operation classification" in the methods and standards, the unit's high temperature operation classification and evaluation, generally should be carried out once a year in the summer. Management measures 1, promote the knowledge of heat stroke prevention. 2, reasonable arrangement of working hours, avoid the highest temperature. 3. Rotate the work and shorten the working time. Health care measures 1, high-temperature operators once a year physical examination, suffering from hypertension, heart organic diseases, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and serious large-scale skin diseases, should be transferred. 2. Reasonable supply of salt-containing drinks to supplement salt, vitamins and trace elements. 3. Strengthen the nutrition of high-temperature workers. Because the body's metabolism is strengthened during high temperature operation and nutrient consumption is increased, it is necessary to strengthen nutrition supplement and pay attention to the diet system. Staple food should not be eaten during working hours, there is a sufficient amount of food before not going to work, and the main meal should be given after a period of rest after work. 4. Make a reasonable schedule. According to the process arrangement system, in the 8-hour labor process, in order to reduce the tension of physiological reactions, a small shift system can be adopted to shorten the continuous working time and achieve frequent rotation. In order to create a good rest place, the lounge is required to have insulation equipment, and good ventilation, and the indoor temperature is generally below 30 ° C. 5. Strengthen personal protection. The work clothes of high-temperature workers should be made of fabrics with heat resistance, small thermal conductivity and good air permeability. In addition, personal protective equipment such as work caps, protective glasses, face masks, gloves, shoe covers and leg warmers should be provided according to different work needs.