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Shower room glass door burst to remind consumers to pay attention to purchase

2018-04-13 19:12:14

A number of tempered glass shower room sellers have confirmed the self-explosion rate of three per thousand, in the view of businesses, it seems to have become a reasonable industry rule. In the event of a problem, businesses and home often to "tempered glass because of its own technical reasons for self-explosion rate" or "warranty period has passed" and other reasons to minimize their own responsibility, so that many consumers in the shower room glass self-explosion problem after the shower room product safety has also had a great concern. How to avoid "self-explosion" the city's product quality supervision and inspection institute technicians said that glass shower rooms, bath screens and other glass sanitary products, since last winter there have been a number of consumer complaints occurred self-explosion. The quality inspection department reminds consumers that in the process of use, we should pay attention to the following three points: Gradually raise the water temperature inside the glass shower room is a relatively closed space, and the accumulation of high temperature and high pressure will cause pressure on the glass screen to a certain extent, resulting in the uneven heating of the glass. It is recommended that when taking a bath in the glass shower room, do not suddenly use high temperature hot water, and gradually increase the water temperature. The strength of tempered glass is high, but tempered glass is characterized by being more afraid of sharp things than ordinary glass, and the glass shower room is easy to cause the overall explosion if it is collided. Therefore, it is necessary to open and close as gently as possible when using. Pasting a layer of transparent safety explosion-proof film on the glass can improve the strength of the tempered glass, and even if the tempered glass bursts, the adhesive force of the explosion-proof film can stick the self-exploding glass fragments together to prevent the glass fragments from splashing due to the glass self-explosion.