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Share my Okinawa free travel, and Japanese shopping must buy!

2018-06-10 14:24:00

In the summer of Okinawa, Japan, it is really suitable to take a large and small family free travel, because as long as you rent a car there, you can walk from south to north, eat, and enjoy the beautiful weather every day! The topography of Okinawa is basically a long strip of islands, divided into the city of Naha, which is the center of Okinawa; In the middle, it falls in the place of Enna, nearby mostly seaside wine, resorts, etc.; In the north, it is the aquarium of Okinawa, which is the scenic spot that must go to Okinawa! If you don't visit an aquarium in Okinawa, you've really wasted a trip! Okinawa Mirumi Aquarium Located in the northwest of Okinawa, "Okinawa Mirumi Aquarium" is a world famous Marine aquarium, although the area is not large, but when you are in the museum's well-known Kuroshio Sea, you think you have come to the sea dragon King's home! It showcases many of the seafloor life around Okinawa, as well as the 8.5 metre long whale shark and a manta ray that has set a world record for the longest time in captivity! The aquarium's outdoor park also offers turtle ponds and free dolphin shows! Stalactite Cave & 35 Cafe About 40 minutes drive from downtown Naha, Stalactite Cave is the first stalactite cave in Okinawa and the second largest in Japan, and it is also known as the largest underground natural art museum in Southeast Asia! The cave's stalactites are unique to Okinawa's coral reefs and were discovered by the academic exploration team of Ehime University in Showa 42 years ago. In addition to enjoying a variety of strange-shaped stalactites, we also saw Okinawa Taiko performance, Toyoji dance performance and so on. The important thing is that there is a coffee shop called 35, selling Okinawa's famous coral coffee (referred to as 35 coffee), coffee is the use of baking to add dead coral bleaching as baking ingredients, and at a high temperature of more than 200 degrees, in order to bake the original taste, mellow unique coffee beans. In fact, this is to remind everyone to protect and cherish the natural environment, if you also play here, it is recommended that you can buy some ground coffee here to enjoy slowly back home! Tomdo Ramen & AEON Shopping Okinawa is a very famous line name Tomdo Ramen, is our love. In fact, many people will go to another extremely popular warm twilight pilgrimage, but we still feel that Tongtang is more suitable for our taste, but also more intimate. How to put it? Because we have never seen such a caring home carefully separate the men's and women's soup and noodles. And Tongtang ramen soup is really super rich and refreshing, and side dishes pickled bean sprouts radish slices are unlimited access, so say, is the service good to the heart? Another reason we like to enjoy ramen here is that we like the location here, because Tongtang Ramen is opposite the large shopping mall AEON, next to a tax refund of 100 yuan merchants, it is a good time to go shopping and burn calories after eating! AEON is a very large area, which brings together more than 220 leisure, shopping, food and other brands, such as Samantha Vega, Uniqlo, Forever21, OLD NAVY, Gap, GLOBAL WORK and more. For us, it is very happy that the supermarket on the first floor also has tax refund. After playing in Okinawa for a few days and blowing the sea breeze on the beach, we also entered the sharing of our shopping in Okinawa. As we only have a few days to travel, our shopping places are mainly large supermarkets, department stores, Japanese cosmeceuticals, and can not miss the airport duty-free. Since there are so many things we buy, here are a few good things to recommend! 【 Household products 】 Japan Pantene Summer Limited Hair Conditioner Newly developed in Japan Pantene Summer limited hair conditioner, just let us meet in Okinawa shopping! Summer is coming, hair care for us is really a sophisticated kung fu! This conditioner is ideal as a post-shampoo hair care step. The day after application, the hair is like a protective film, which can isolate UV damage and deeply repair the hair core. This new Summer Limited Edition hair conditioner is moist and light, so you won't have to worry about your hair getting very sticky in the summer, and I love that it smells very fresh! So in the crowded bus to work, not afraid of hair will produce awkward odor! This product was bought at an Okinawan supermarket. Whisper good liquid tampon heard that good liquid tampon was first red in Europe and the United States, and later it was also hot in Japan and Hong Kong. This time I saw it when I went to AEON. After I bought it back home, I felt super dry!!! Have to recommend to become a Japanese shopping must buy it! The new tampon uses high pressure technology and the patented liquid absorption material FlexFoamTM, which compressed-like a memory cotton-like absorbent material, a bit like a memory pillow, and improves the absorption of liquids by as much as 10 times. The important thing is that it's thin and snug. It's a big push! Lenor Sports with Benge Deodorant Soft Essence recently launched in Japan, Lenor sports with Benge deodorant soft essence, suitable for sports friends. Like I have the habit of fitness and running, I often feel that the smell of sweat remains after washing the clothes. This is designed for the removal of sweat odor after exercise, with super powerful anti-odor function, clothes after washing feel very fresh and soft! This household product can be found in AEON supermarket in Japan! [Drugs] Chochola BB Beauty Group B, which I'm taking myself. In fact, last time a friend went to Japan to help me buy, I eat for a few months feel pretty good, the spirit seems to be better, so this time to Okinawa shopping just see in the cosmeceuticals, immediately replenishment. The blue box is dedicated to whitening, which can be used for dark spots, freckles, etc., and the red box is used to relieve fatigue, don't confuse it! Sante FX V plus Eye drops Sante FX V plus eye drops are new and great to buy and try. It is said that it is designed for customers who want to upgrade their care after using NEO, because in addition to the certain cool, can relieve eye strain function, this V plus can also replenish nutrients for the eyes, because it adds 2 kinds of amino acids and vitamin B6, which is a functional product, which can maintain eye inflammation caused by ultraviolet light and alleviate eye fatigue. I saw a lot of cosmeceuticals in Okinawa this time! Japan Moist Diane Moisturizing Body Lotion This Japanese Moist Diane moisturizing body lotion is very famous on the list of body creams in the Japan Cosme Award. The texture can be said to be very refreshing, and you will not feel sticky when applying it all over your body after bathing. Contains beauty liquid ingredients, can let the skin get enough moisture and nourishment, permeability is also very good, after the skin looks watery, still a certain degree. I have asked friends who know Japanese girls around me, and they all say that almost every Japanese girl uses it. I have always liked the SK-II brand, mainly suitable for my sensitive skin, and then this national treasure brand from Japan, whose products are very comprehensive in function and effect. SK-II Fairy Water, which we stock every time we go abroad, contains more than 90% PITERA™, a natural ingredient that contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals to gently exfoliate the skin, regulate the skin's renewal cycle, and repair the skin's natural barrier against foreign invasion, so that the skin will become crystal clear after use. If you want to buy SK-II in Okinawa, it is recommended that you can directly go to the duty-free shopping, because it is more economical and more preferential than the counter, especially now that you only need to buy two boxes of fairy water double bottle set, you can get a skin care mask worth about 740 yuan. If you're interested in SK-II, buy it fast. In order to prepare for the hot summer, sea and beach, a refreshing protective lotion with sun protection is definitely a must when visiting Okinawa. Launched in March this year, SK-II's new moisturizing and purifying air Protection lotion effectively blocks UV rays and is lightweight in texture, leaving skin feeling fresh and breathable. Of course, in addition to traveling to Okinawa suitable, returning home also happens to encounter the advent of summer, it is time to use it! Don't think you can find it in the counter, that's because it's not for sale! So if you are traveling in Japan, it is recommended that you must buy duty-free, or you will regret it when you return home! In general, shopping in Okinawa is very convenient, and large shopping malls such as AEON or Naha Main Place are easy to navigate. While Okinawa duty free in addition to the airport, it is recommended that you can go DFS Okinawa Global Duty Free (Okinawa T Plaza) next to Omoromachi Station take a tour of the 10,000 square meters of huge area where famous brands such as BVLGALI, GUCCI, PRADA, Cartier, CELINE, LOUIS are exempt from consumption tax VUITTON, Dior, TIFANNY and so on have everything, bag you will not be disappointed, you can shop directly at the airport to pick up the goods is very convenient, so you do not need to carry small bags after buying. What is Japan shopping must buy when traveling to Okinawa in summer? I can only say that they all have their own needs. Duty-free can buy a lot of products with discounts and discounts, and those who like home supplies and cosmeceuticals can visit AEON such large-scale shopping. Because I am relatively lazy, I will focus on duty-free shopping, because there are several brands that I have used for a long time, probably know that they must be sold duty-free, so since people in foreign countries, of course, they will seize the opportunity to buy!