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Scammers trademark registration routine sales

2018-04-01 09:36:57

Today's society is no routine is not profitable society, maybe you will accidentally fall into the routine, money is small, anger is big, with my own experience to decrypt some bad trademark registration routine sales, hope to help the people who are set.


Foreign number salesman


A leader


After registration, there is no doubt that the number will be published, the trademark registration salesman will start to give you a call, at the beginning is a normal sales model, but they will dig a pit in this step, will say to help you protect the trademark first, so as not to be registered by others.


After a while, if you're still not ready to register, they move on to the next step. If one day you suddenly receive such a (belonging to the field, may also be local) then you have to pay attention: May I ask is such and such a boss? It is like this, we are currently preparing to open on X, we need to submit materials, but after the inquiry, we found that X trademark (the trademark that the salesman told you to help you protect) is being protected, please see if you can withdraw the protection and let us submit the materials first. {Perhaps it is a similar paragraph or other way} Most people will have such a psychological: why should I give you my things? Since the trademarks are conflicting, I'll register them first. If you have such an idea then you are set by them, they will continue to carry out the next set, if there is no such psychology then congratulations to you, you have been away from the set, of course, the trademark registration party may continue to change other methods set you, may also give up.


If you get a second one, they'll give you a third one, and you'll get a message like, "Hello, is this boss X?" I am here from the trademark and patent department, and I just received a message that your trademark is not ready to be registered, right?" After listening to these, some bosses may not calm down, who is so immoral, I clearly did not say this, I must register the trademark, but now not in time. If that's the answer then you're stuck in the same rut. If your answer is right, you are not ready to register, it is estimated that the fraud salesman will be messy.


The field will give you a fight again, this fight will not be peaceful, all kinds of swear words, threatening words, insulting words will say, straight you are angry, so the purpose of the liar has reached, they are to let you lose your reason, make the wrong judgment. Then after a short time, the so-called head of the trademark department will call you: Hello boss, just received the feedback from the patent administration that our bureau has been complained, is such a boss, if you can not make a decision as soon as possible, we can only give you the trademark protection revoked, after all, can not affect the normal registration of the third party, you and your salesman again, make a decision.


At this point, it's time for you and your salesman to show up. Salesman: Hello brother, sister, just received from our leaders, your trademark protection period can only be until today, you see your trademark registration? If registered, I will give you an application as soon as possible, if not registered, I will also reflect the situation with the leader. If you lose your mind, be prepared to pay for it, and it's not too late if you get to the last step.


Finally add a point, the general trademark registration service cost is also a thousand dollars, at most more than 2000, the liar's fee standard is much higher than the market price, so if there is a quote to give you much higher than the market price then he is likely to be a liar, must pay attention.

Matters needing attention

If you encounter similar words, record them directly, and disputes can be used as evidence


Always keep rational, you can ask your friends to help analyze, brainstorm and make the right judgment