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S5 leather city law enforcement Wei out

2018-04-13 11:12:32

Wei is a particularly strong sense of the hero, and the skills are very gorgeous damage is also very overbearing, as a half-meat hero, Wei can be considered from the field and the single two positions, but most of them are in the game.


LOL client


Available Wei hero account


Check out the skills:


We can find that the early E skill output is very high, effectively improve the clearing speed, playing wild I will first point E. The previous dot is shown below


Medium: Q skill has the effect of sudden and displacement, the damage of the skill itself is also very high, but it is easy to be avoided by the other hero, I suggest the deputy promotion. Mid-point:


The late Wei big move R is a very abnormal cutting skill, W's passive effect income 1 level can be, I suggest that the final fill. Add a little bit later:


With the new version of the modification of the wild area, the new wild knife with five red has been the first choice of all wild heroes. Preliminary assembly


Now the mainstream play wild, and then out of the lantern will directly out of the big belt to hold out the fanatic, the first meat up is the king, and cruelty and small drink magic knife can enhance a lot of damage, mercury/ninja shoes, you need to see the other side's configuration to decide. Intermediate equipment


Melee heroes, Fanatics armor is already a must, black cut, drink magic knife can increase very high damage, Langton armor can support double resistance. Late equipment


There are two types of wild runes, one is a pure attack of red great Essence fixed attack, yellow fixed armor, blue growth magic resistance, the other is a red 6 armor piercing 3 attack, big Essence attack, yellow armor, blue growth magic resistance, with the initial talent to fight monsters can cause 100% damage to wild monsters.


The talent of 21-9-0 can maximize the damage of Wei. Double-edged sword, taking 1% more damage for 2% more damage is a good deal. Point out the butcher and feast to improve the early clearing and endurance. Rage and witchcraft to Wei's improvement is also very big, rage to improve the attack speed can make her play faster passive, witchcraft to reduce CD effect can let his skills refresh as soon as possible, especially her big move, Wei's big move is gank God, CD the shorter the better. The other talent points are the same as the output talent points.

Matters needing attention