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Rural tourism Strategy 001

2018-02-15 11:12:00

"Rural Tourism Strategy 001" paste the process of the Internet in the spring walking in the rural fields, with the camera to shoot the beautiful landscape is another kind of tourism another kind of enjoyment, Xiaobian will be all the way landscape shooting collection, in the experience described as follows, throwing a brick to attract jade.


A camera.


1, walking in the country field with the camera to shoot beautiful landscapes, such as: cherry blossoms and rapeseed flowers open at the top of the mountain and open at the bottom of the mountain, competing for beauty. Show a beautiful picture, small edition of the landscape as shown below.


Rapeseed flowers from the beginning to flowers a beautiful scenery, time in a hurry flowers in a small series of shooting, glittering growth.


Cherry blossoms open, flowers open all over the mountains, bring spring to the country land, add a bright wind color to the wooden house. Who doesn't say my hometown is beautiful.


The new frame of the rural power grid in the backdrop of mountain flowers beautiful scenery, visitors look back. The good man photographed the landscape for everyone to enjoy below.


The cherry blossoms are blooming on the hilltops of the countryside. Lovely farmers live under the cherry blossoms. The beautiful scenery here every spring is like the picture below.


2, Lei Gong Zi flower, wild grass flower, cherry blossom, pear flower, peach blossom, plum flower... Spring countryside is a sea of flowers, festive time people busy this busy that busy, this time to travel to the countryside will enjoy a lot of rare landscape. For example: flowers blossoming in spring, each struggle for spring to stay in the world, the earth is decorated with infinite beauty.


Qu family all celebrate at home, the wedding car parked outside the gate.


Qin blew the arch in front of the house to celebrate his nephew's marriage and family, and invited the band to welcome the bride.


3, save the above landscape and content in my computer. Open the experience "Release experience" in the editor will be written all the way travel guide as above.


4, wait for the successful release of experience, tap the share key in the lower right corner of this experience to share experience with users, is a successful rural tourism strategy 001, can be for your reference. All procedures are now complete.

Matters needing attention

Experience based on actual preparation, improper place please correct. Thanks for listening.