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Reveal the 3 great Blackhead busters

2018-04-22 12:48:15

Blackhead is one of the most annoying things on the face, not only unsightly, but also always make our face look like not clean, we want to get white transparent muscle, then we must find a way to get rid of this hateful blackhead, resolutely not to do strawberry goddess!! How to remove blackheads? Many girls like to use the nose patch, although the nose patch can remove some blackheads, but the moment it is easy to tear to the skin, and this will lead to skin relaxation, so the girls should be careful to use oh, the following Xiaobian will tell the mm 3 folk recipes to remove blackheads. 1. Makeup remover oil: Tools required: makeup remover oil (preferably vegetable oil, mineral oil followed by synthetic fat), facial tissue specific practices: 1, after cleaning the face, pour 2 drops of makeup remover oil on the nose blackhead, the middle and ring fingers of the two hands for massage; 2, massage for about 1 hour, moderate intensity, too hard may massage the nose red; 3, in the massage process, small and medium-sized particles will continue to be rubbed out, and then carefully wiped with facial tissue, the action should be gentle; 4. After the massage, clean the skin again. This method has a certain effect, the makeup remover oil is mild, will not stimulate the skin, the use of nasal strips will tear the skin easy to cause skin relaxation. 2. Edible salt: Required tools: facial cleanser (non-foam mild type), edible salt Specific methods: 1. Use facial cleanser to quickly clean the face and remove dirt; 2, squeeze about 2cm of cleanser in the palm again, add salt to knead; 3, mix the two and knead evenly, the salt particles become smaller, and then apply to the nose to massage; 4. Massage for about 10 minutes and wash it off. This method works well, but girls with sensitive skin should not use it. 3. Baking soda: Required tools: baking soda Specific methods: 1, a small amount of baking soda, plastic spoon half a scoop, according to the ratio of 1:10 and pure water or mineral water, stir to dissolve. 2, take a piece of cotton foam in it, soak it out, gently twist it to half dry, stick it on the nose, can also stick it on the chin or forehead and other greasy places, take it down after about 15 minutes, do not wait until dry, otherwise counterproductive. 3. Finally, clean your face. Just once or twice a week. Adhere to the use will have a significant effect, and then reduce the number of use, half a month or once a month is good ~