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Reducer wear treatment

2018-04-13 17:36:44

As a necessary component of transmission products such as screw elevator, the stability of the reducer plays an important role in the entire transmission system.


First, the main manifestations of failure after a long time of use: vibration is enhanced during use, and noise is increased. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the internal parts of the chassis are too worn or damaged.


2. Possible damaged parts: gear tooth surface wear, gear tooth break, gear shaft hole or keyway wear; The screw hole at the bearing hole is easy to fail because of wear; Axle surface and keyway are also prone to wear due to long use time.


Third, repair method: This repair method is not all the repair places have the technical strength to repair in accordance with this method, but such as large equipment, can find the repair point to repair the parts, the overall cost of the enterprise will be greatly saved. If it is because of the wear of shaft holes and keyways on the shaft surface of the reducer, the original accuracy of the parts can be restored by electroplating.


4. Regular cleaning should be carried out during daily use. The gearbox cleaning machine uses the gearbox crude oil feed and discharge system and the filtered lubricating oil to clean the gearbox and ensure the service life of the gearbox.