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Ranking of dating shows

2018-03-29 11:12:47

Recent dating show rankings, and show reviews


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No.1 "Fate If You Are the One" recommended index five stars "Fate If You Are the One" is a large-scale dating program produced by satellite TV. The show, which premiered on January 15, 2010, featured 24 single women turning the lights on and off to decide whether a male guest would stay or go. Program comments: In the traditional form of dating shows, "If You Are the One" is the most successful one, in addition to the characteristics of its own program, the most important thing is that there are two emotional teachers on the spot can be the backing of the guests, their vision and experience often open another window for many guests. However, the disadvantages are common to traditional dating shows. Quick dating often leads to unsatisfactory results after the show.


No.2 "Rose Journey" recommended index 5 stars "Rose Journey" is a large-scale dating show launched by satellite TV on May 1, 2017, hosted by Ke Dou. Different from the traditional way of "half an hour to decide marriage", male and female guests arrange to go to a special cultural resort or scenic spot, through six days to get along, complete a friendship trip. Program comments: Bold innovation in the program segment, outdoor as the carrier, public welfare tasks, family visits as the media, with a long time to get along, will have a deeper understanding of each other's personality, family background, so as to decide whether to hold hands, to avoid blind choice and misjudgment.


No.3 "Chinese Blind Date" recommended index 4 stars "Chinese Blind Date" is the first model innovation of the new generation dating show produced by satellite TV, hosted by Jin Xing. Open a new blind date model, achieve two generations of parents on the same stage, and become the first "legitimate blind date". Program comments: "poison tongue" Venus as host is indeed the support point of the program, she is thorough, and sometimes the evaluation and suggestions of guests can often affect the effect of the entire program, the most important is her, dare to say. Then there are some sudden situations and uncontrollable factors on the show that the program team needs to spend time and energy to solve.


No.4 "One in a Hundred" Recommendation index 4 stars "One in a Hundred" is a love and dating life service program launched by satellite TV on January 6, 2010. Female guests will evaluate the first impression of male guests, watch the short film and ask questions, vote through the exchange process, and finally enter the confession link to see whether the result can be successful. Program comments: The program innovates the way male and female guests understand each other, but it does not cure the symptoms, and it is a great challenge for the program to maintain the relationship in the later period.


No.5 "Very Perfect" Recommendation index 3 stars "Very Perfect" is a large-scale sweet love confession reality show opened by satellite TV in 2011 to adapt to fashion urban life, and is also the first star confession reality show, hosted by Chen Yi. Program review: From the very perfect broadcast to now after four times of revision, and now formed a new model, combined with the now very hot small coffee show to screen male guests, novelty and focus are close to the hot, but it is worth noting that the disadvantages of this way lies in the gap between the network and reality, the program group should customize some stricter rules for the selection of guests, improve the quality of the program.


No.6 "Match Made in Heaven" Recommended index 3 stars "Match Made in Heaven" is a dating show broadcast on satellite TV. The male guest (female guest) will select one of the 10 interested girls (male) in each session, and the 10 female guests will be kept secret. Program comments: This program from the beginning to the end will let people have a sense of mystery, no one knows what the other side of your mind is, will make the whole program interesting become more rich, but the above three steps still have some improvements, can be replaced with a more understanding way as a change.

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