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Practical treasure adventure "A hundred refining into fairy" three big cave bliss exposure

2018-02-15 16:00:00

Adventure, as a theme that has long attracted countless people to talk about, proves that the unknown object is always more fascinating, especially those rare treasures that can be met by chance and personality. One or two pieces even if, when a whole treasure bang open in front of you, there is no blessing by the city caused by thousands of people to steal people miss, and Xiu fairy page tour "hundred refined into fairy" of the three realms fairy cave is such a blessed place.


Experience the treasure hunt of the three caves has always been the material root of the fairy and heaven to fight for life, don't look at the players a wave of sleeves will bring a deadly cloud, a flick of the finger to call out the true fairy possession, but if not countless heaven material earth treasure behind the silent dedication itself, where will have the opportunity to show dominancy here! To ask 91wan "hundred refining into fairy" where magic weapon most of the most boutique? Even the small who just built the foundation knows that the three caverns of ancient cultivation, spiritual realm and celestial realm absolutely make you dream.



The contrast between the ancient repair cave 30 purple suit shining and Lin Xuan each shining appearance to save people in the survival, in the ancient repair cave expedition to find 30 purple suit on the world notice more can cause the concern of the repair fairy, after all, in the equipment can be integrated into the advanced 91wan "hundreds of refined fairy", a set of purple suit can be worn from level 30 to the old, All kinds of building during the period are permanent value preservation and even can be subsequent appreciation, in the war power supreme Xixixian three realms, what else is more attractive than the best equipment!


In addition to finding the purple set of inspiring, 91wan "hundreds of alchemy into fairy" three caves can burst a large number of crystal scrolls are enough to make the players of the adventure value returned. As a necessary for the fairy, the crystal stone can be exchanged in the crystal stone area for the best pets and the inlay of all the attributes with level 3 stones, so that your equipment attributes soar. The talisman is leap-level challenge or in the face of a powerful boss when the survival of the good, with the whole body, but also the attack, prevention, five lines of three attributes of the instant attack, the mighty is a moment.