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Platinum bidding assistant four steps to do platinum bidding ranking experience

2018-04-14 22:24:03

Nowadays, there are only 3 advertising Spaces in some words, which leads to more and more fierce competition in the main keywords, and how to reduce bidding expenses has become a headache for bidding personnel. First of all, we need to understand the purpose of adjusting the bidding price, one is to reduce costs, and the other is that the bidding theory has the possibility of reducing expenses. In theory, if the quality of your keyword is higher than that of your opponent, you can also rank in the front with less money, then how to adjust the price? Platinum assistant talk about their own bidding ranking experience: 1, optimize the quality of keywords. First, optimize the quality of the word you want to adjust to 3 stars. Ensure keyword relevance, URL targeting, click-through rate, price, and overall account operation. For keywords that are not relevant, distinguish them. 2. Exclude words without clicks and accumulate clicks. The quality of the keyword needs the accumulation of clicks, if the keyword has not yet produced clicks, it is in the front, let it create, accumulate a certain number of clicks. If a non-clicked word does not rank in the left column, or ranks low, then you need to raise the price to make it come forward to increase the chance of generating clicks. 3, the target price reduction is the first, and has been clicked on the word. In the first place, obviously the number of clicks by customers will be more, but the probability of being clicked by peers is also high, so try not to be in the first place, the first 3 on the line. And there are clicks, which means that the keyword click this piece has points, with the capital of price reduction. 4. How to reduce prices. (1) Use the click price data to estimate the keyword quality and bid of competitors. : Their actual consumption amount is 4.51 yuan, then using the formula can get several results. 1, in the case of the same quality, the next bid is definitely 4.5 yuan. 2, if I have a mass of 3 and the other has a mass of 2, then the next bid is going to be $6.25. (2) Principle of price adjustment. Guaranteed to rank 2nd or 3rd. It can also be lower than 2nd or higher than 3rd; Or be the third. So the overall price of keywords will be lower and lower.