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Pet food manufacturing cleaning solution

2018-04-14 12:48:23

In food manufacturing, residual dust and dust may lead to the breeding of bacteria, insects, rats and mold, and pollution will lead to safety products being recalled, and dust, dust cleaning will also occupy a lot of valuable time, so general cleaning, headspace cleaning and equipment cleaning is particularly important, pay attention to timely cleaning of the operating environment. Vacuum cleaners with high filtration efficiency can clear the residual dust generated by the production equipment and the production process. If a cleaning area is identified as a heavily polluted area, the use of a vacuum cleaner is more necessary and the vacuum cleaner is easier to maintain. The design of the new CFM-S3 single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner is based on extensive market research to provide a solution for the present and future of industrial vacuum cleaners in the food and manufacturing industries. The new single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner S3 has unparalleled new highlights: electronic control operation is simple and sustainable monitoring of vacuum efficiency; Functions that control some options, such as fixation or liquid separation. The electronic version is a true "dashboard" that greatly improves operational efficiency. Another feature of the S3 is the modular nature of the vacuum cleaner, which can be modified in a matter of minutes, for example, the collection system can be replaced in just a few minutes. In addition, the S3 has a highly ergonomic design: the new single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner is lightweight, easy to use, labor-saving and safe, and is available in certified models L, M and H. Last but not least, these vacuum cleaners are beautifully designed and modern.