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Outward Bound for personal feelings

2018-04-30 11:12:00

At 6:30 in the morning of June 7, 2014, all our staff took a luxury bus to organize the Mingyang World Extension Training Base. With sleepiness, we finally reached the finish line in the vast fog. That day, light rain, foggy weather, I saw the lake floating white fog is very good-looking, the wind blowing the waves on the lake as we are excited at this time. We are happy, excited, can not keep down, occasionally see the pool of fish we want to try to catch. Our final stop is near the mountain and near the water, where the hills meet the lake, and the plants are flourishing, and there are many chestnut trees here to take root and bear fruit, and we can see this fruit dotted around the road. Dense with a little bit of red, a fruitful scene. We did not stay long before we started the training arrangement. Several teachers from the outward Bound training of the travel consultant gave us a few minutes to divide into several groups. Finally, we were divided into four groups with team logos, slogans and team songs. Finally, our group named "J-10", "speed, efficiency, cooperation" as the slogan of the team, "unity is strength, this power is iron, this power is just, harder than iron, stronger than just" for the team song began a day of hard training. First of all, our team's first project is to find the speed of 60 seconds, this game is actually to tell us to do anything to innovate, do not die, although it is a test of memory and analytical ability of the game, but in fact is to exercise people's innovative thinking, especially in the work must have a sense of innovation, so as to develop innovation, to meet the challenge. Unfortunately, we were not able to complete, our minds are trapped in a circle, can not escape, although the brain had the idea of innovation, but there is no attempt. The second project is the air grab pole, we lined up a team to walk on the road surrounded by trees ah, the end is also surrounded by chestnut trees, I saw a vacant lot in the chestnut tree, the middle is a bowl of large iron, only inserted the chestnut tree tops, our team easily completed, before other teams also laughed at our team said: "Scare you to death", in fact, after really waiting for you to go up, it is not so terrible, holding your head up to the chestnut of the tree, jumping, grasping the railing with both hands, and dropping weightlessness, it is so easy, although some are indeed psychological quality and the reason for the symptoms of fear of heights. Our third project is a real CS simulation battle, the description and demonstration of this project took us a lot of time, but it is still quite exciting in the process of fighting, I took sniper, so I hid behind, very behind, it is unbearable to be lonely, facing the beautiful lake on the opposite side. The fourth project is the graduation wall project, so the project is really a test of our unity, really the local pile of the local pile, when the above arm strength to catch people on the above, some girls are thin, like an eagle with a mouse like directly carry up; Some boys are more fat, I feel like when we were young in the country grandma's home fishing crabs, you pull it up hard to stay in the air for half a moment, and then go up like falling on the ground "thunder" a sound on the ground. A short twenty-six minutes we completed the unity, I was the last to go up, I remember my right leg also took a small skinny up, I desperately twisted on the above, and finally went up like a spring, this is the result of my four years of university exercise. Unity is strength, indeed. By the evening, our last project is the leader's style, divided into two teams to do the PK, the losing party ten in the first game, twenty in the second game, and so on. But our side always made mistakes, so that our leader did two hundred and seventy push-ups "" With the sad music, we looked at the back of the leader desperately, everyone was silent, all with tears, the lights were dim, we were silent, it seems that everyone understood something, more or less" "Finally we woke up from the sadness, and successfully completed the counting project. It told me that grief can be converted into motivation, and also told me that in the work, do not make mistakes easily, it is likely that a little mistake is a great burden on the leader. Do everything with full concentration and attention. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the coaches who accompanied us all the day. They led us to practice in the development project, and let us notice those difficult moments in work and life. I would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to know each other, and know that although we cried together, laughed together, and were touched together, we were still brought together by fate. Because of "travel" this we are working together, we are looking forward to, looking forward to the next expansion activities. Finally say a blessing, wish everyone good health, work well,.