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One day tour of Tar Temple

2018-03-30 03:12:15

Tar Temple is a sacred place of Tibetan Buddhism, one of the six monasteries of Gelug School, the birthplace of the founder of Tibetan Buddhism Master Tsongkhapa, because of the initial construction of the memorial tower of Tsongkhapa Master, and then gradually built a temple, so named: Tar Temple. Tar Temple is located 25 kilometers southwest of the province in the shape of an eight-petal col. It enjoys a long history and high Buddhist status at home and abroad. We as local Tibetans are both tourists and believers. Let me take you inside the Tar Temple.




Scenic spot


1. Great Gold Tile Hall. Dajinwa Hall is the main hall of Tar Temple, located in the temple district, known as: a solemn in the world. The temple contains the works and handwritten copies of the three masters and disciples of Tsongkhapa, and hundreds of volumes of Mongolian scriptures. In front of the hall, the Qianlong Emperor's imperial book is hung: "Sanskrit Building" is flat on one side, and the furnishings in front of the hall are: gold lamps, silver lamps, ivory, etc., which can be described as resplenent.


2. Tantra School. Tantra Convent is one of the four convents in Tar Temple. It is dedicated to the gilt bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni.


3. Sutra Collection Building. The main hall of the Tibetan-style wooden structure is dedicated to the bronze gilt statue of Manjusri Bodhisattva. A vast collection of ancient books.


4. Rely on the temple. In the Fatherland Hall, the largest bronze gilt Zongkhapa statue in Tar Temple is enshrined, and the Buddha statue is beautifully made, which is the treasure of Tar Temple.


5. Ghee Flower House. The famous butter flower art is a classic in the history of art in China and even the world.


6. The Eight Tathagata.


7. Tar Temple is a precious national cultural heritage. It is famous for its extensive and profound Buddhist culture, exquisite Buddha statues, brilliant and unique architectural style, and rich and precious cultural relics collection.