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Oil operations - Gold Band

2018-04-13 22:24:35

Any market, any technology is actually called a system, but the operation of the system is different, the role is different, so the name is different; Similar to a school has its own school moves, but with this move, can walk wanton in the rivers and lakes, in an invincible place, let the market sinister how the waves, I talk and laugh, immovable. Similarly, in the crude oil, which is an international school, it also naturally has its own unique secrets. (Personal operating style is different, I here to introduce their common skills - Brin rail gold band operation techniques) This skill attributes are as follows


Oil, oil operating software


The Bollbolling rail is composed of three different colors: upper rail, middle rail and lower rail, which respectively represent different effects: upper rail and pressure effect; The multi-space dividing line of the middle rail, also known as the support pressure conversion line, follows the conversion principle of breaking for support and breaking for pressure; The lower rail serves as a support.


In the use of gold band operation in a specific 240-minute cycle diagram, it must be noted that the upper rail of the Bolling rail only has the role of pressure, the lower rail of the Bolling rail also only has the role of support, and the only support and pressure can be converted to each other is the middle rail.


How to practice to great success, accurately capture the trading point? Perhaps you practitioners sometimes find that when the price reaches the upper and lower tracks of the 240-minute cycle chart, it is not necessarily under pressure or support to start to fall or rise; However, we carefully observe that when we reach the lower track of the 240-minute cycle chart and have touched the lower track line to be supported, the price even if it continues to fall is also tightly next to the lower track line, and the whole K line will not be completely out of the lower track line. The same is true when prices reach orbit.


Then according to the above expression, it means that when the 240 minutes K line first touches the lower rail line, the next one of the K line, receives the long lower line at the same time, the K line is completely out of the lower rail, then the support rebound signal is obvious, not to hand at this time, but when? Similarly, when the 240 minutes K line first touches the rail line, the next one of the K line, the exit of the upper line at the same time, the K line is completely off the rail, then the pressure fall signal is obvious, at this time, boldly display your move.


Whether it is multi-single or empty single after the entry, you need to pay attention to the position of the middle track, once the empty single entry, when the oil price falls back to the middle track position, there is a shock, and it cannot be quickly and cleanly broken through the middle track, then it shows that the middle track has been effectively supported, and the short single profit can leave the field, and the same is true for the multi-single entry.


I will share this golden band operation secret with you, only hope that you can use your profits to let me see that I can help you improve your technical level, so that I can see the value of this skill. This is the best thank you to me!!

Matters needing attention

Oil is a category of futures, investment is risky.


This technique is intended to help those who have been speculating in oil partners, and small partners who have not played futures should not use this trick to open an account in the market.


I hope everyone can invest smoothly and make a pot full of money