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New registration process for 2016

2018-02-22 22:24:00

Registration of the new process, 2016 implementation of three certificates in one full process online processing. That is, refers to the original business license certificate, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, to achieve "one form application, one door acceptance, three certificates issued at the same time, information sharing"; At the same time, the "whole process" paperless application mode of various registration businesses is fully implemented.


Three syndromes in one


Paperless application


Industrial and commercial registration


The first step, the application for registration needs to make preliminary preparations:


1, the name; 2. Business scope; 3, the amount of registered capital, the implementation of subscription system; 4. The number of shareholders and the proportion of shares; 5. Business address; 6, digital certificate or bank U shield;


The second step, name approval more than choose a few name options, the general naming principle: easy to remember, good to hear, smooth


The third step, online submission of business license information to collect the above information, and then submit the registration application online


The fourth step, to the local industry and commerce bureau to get a business license after receiving a text message notice, with the legal identity card to get a business license


The fifth step, engraved chapter, the record of the chapter is to be recorded, generally at least engraved public, financial, private three chapters


The sixth step, go to the bank to open the transaction transfer between the public basic account, buy social security for employees, pay wages, tax deduction and so on

Matters needing attention

After registering down, to open the public basic account, and must do the account tax


When taking the business license, there is a commercial notice, to apply for the corresponding business license. For example, in the catering business.