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NBA2k20 self-created player account has expired what to do?

2018-05-14 12:48:21

When we play NBA2K games, we often show the problem that the self-created player account has expired, how should we solve this problem, in fact, it is very simple, is to enter the corresponding detailed date of birth, as well as the email address can be, the email address must be fixed, because it is related to your archive problem, the following details about the solution.






First we open the game, when the game shows that the self-created player account has expired.


We click OK, select Continue, enter the following interface, you need to enter your birth date. This birth date can be fake, don't take it too seriously, but it should be noted that it must be at least 18 years old, and it is a fixed period, remember this birthday, you can not enter this birthday, the next input birthday is different, this is not a drop, sometimes may affect the game account.


We click Continue, the following interface appears, let us enter the email account, the email account can be an email or other email, but the email account must be fixed, input twice is the same account.


After the input is finished, we click Continue, and enter the terms option, open the first and second terms, check again, and close.


After closing, we will see a yellow icon in front of the two terms, at which point we will click on the "I agree" option.


Finally, we click "OK" in the image below, and we can enter the game. However, it should be noted that the current NBA2k20 game requires you to re-log in to the date of birth and email information every 2 days or so, in order to ensure the security of your account. The second thing to say is that each email account represents a large archive for you, and if you change your email account, your previous archive will change.