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NBA20 years 10 most impressive moments, is there that you are thinking of?

2018-02-20 12:48:00

NBA20 years 10 most impressive moments, is there that you are thinking of?


Iverson stepped over Tyronn Lue. In the 2000-01 season, Iverson led the Sixers to the Finals, losing 1-4 to the Lakers. Iverson carried the Philadelphia 76ers to the Finals against a Lakers team that featured Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O 'Neal


The AI crossed Tyronn Lue into the knockout. That loss was the Los Angeles Lakers' only playoff loss that year.


2. Kobe 2008 Olympic 3+1. Bryant's numbers in the 2008 Olympics were not so impressive, and the ace of the U.S. team that year was Dwyane Wade, who later became the best player in the Olympics. Bryant shot 48 of 104 from the field, shooting 46.2 percent, shooting 17 of 53 from 3-point range, shooting 32.1 percent, shooting 7 of 12 free throws, shooting 58.3 percent, scoring 120 points, averaging 15 points, total rebounds 22, averaging 2.8 per game; 17 total assists, 2.1 per game; Total steals 9 with an average of 1.2. However, what really let Kobe prove his value and popularity in the world is the performance of the men's basketball final against Spain in the Olympic Games, when it was difficult to get rid of the opponent, Kobe's final 3+1 that locked the victory completely made the world quiet, which is Kobe's most perfect and dreamlike experience in the international arena and the national team. Watching this scene on TV at that time, it felt like the whole world was quiet.


3.96 The Golden Generation all came to an end. There is no doubt that the 1996 draft class is undoubtedly the best group of players in NBA history: Kobe Bryant, Iverson, Marbury, championship, MVP, scoring champion, All-Star players... Yes, they are the "golden generation" forever in the hearts of fans.


! But in the summer of 2016, with the announcement of the retirement of Kobe Bryant and Ray Allen, the 96 golden generation completely came to an end from the tide of The Times.


4 KG back to the Timberwolves, 2003, Garnett is at the peak of his career, the Timberwolves in the West can be regarded as the top strong team. At Target, there was also a fan who stripped-down to live music during a game. Although his body was a little overweight, his coquettish dancing and bare-chested wolves made him an instant hit. However, at the moment when he was dancing, the scene security guards were afraid of the impact of public occasions, or he asked to go, and 12 years later, when Garnett returned to the court, the fan certainly did not miss it. Only he had gained a great deal of weight, his hair was gray, and his two young sons were sitting beside him. The DJ encouraged fans to dance to the camera, and the crowd went wild when the cameraman turned his camera specifically on him. But he did not get up, perhaps the years of life and reality evaporated his youthful passion, he is still a loyal fan of the Timberwolves and Garnett. The DJ kept encouraging him to get up, he just laughed, and then pushed the two children out, and he was still unwilling to jump. But the crowd gave him a cheer almost as big as Garnett's, and when the camera turned on him for a third time, he stood up, stepped out of his seat and began dancing with his two children. Jumping to the climax, he took off his clothes again, and wrote KG welcome home on his chest, and Garnett was also very moved to walk on the court, laughing and beating his chest to greet him. For once, there was no security to chase him away.


5. Duncan was ejected for laughing, and in the 2006-07 regular season, the Mavericks hosted the Spurs, but the bald referee Joe Crawford became the protagonist of the game. Two consecutive technical fouls in a minute sent Duncan off the bench, and the reason was simply because Duncan had a "bright smile."


6. Lebron protects Yao Ming. In March 2004, Scott hit Yao Ming in the head, and Francis was angry. "This is my territory. You can't run wild here. I can't let my brother get bullied." All the fans who like Francis started from this moment, facing Xiao Si, who is more than a head higher than him, he protects our Chinese giant Yao Ming like a big brother, and his action of feeling and righteousness really touched a large number of Chinese people at that time!


7. The future is yours. In 2007, James led the Cavaliers to their first NBA Finals against the Spurs, where they were swept 4-0 by Duncan. The Spurs won the championship, and when it was over, Duncan put his arm around James and reassured him: The future is yours! Today, however, The


The end! After years of memes, the time has finally come to fruition - the future is yours


8. Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in a game. 05-06 season 22 January 2006 (United States local time)


The Raptors 104-122 Lakers 81 points is the second highest record in a single game in the nba regular season, second only to Chamberlain's 100 points, on the difficulty is probably the highest, has become one of Kobe's signs. In that game, Bryant played 42 minutes, shooting 28 of 46, 7 of 13 three-pointers, 18 of 20 free throws, and scored 14, 12, 27 and 28 points in four quarters.


9. Jenway connection, in 2010, James' "decision" event changed the pattern of the league, he and Wade, Bosh gathered in Miami, as we all know, James and Wade have long become true friends, and, Jenway never lack of tacit understanding, does not need too long to run in, they interpret what is called "heart to heart" on the field. On December 7, 2010, the Heat came to Milwaukee to challenge the Bucks, and in this game, James and Wade played quite relaxed and repeatedly had a highlight moment. Especially with this empty connection. At that time, Wade threw the ball high in the fast attack, and then began to show his hands to celebrate without looking back, James followed up and jumped up to complete the one-hand empty catch split, the classic ball is classic in Wade's "celebration in advance", such a picture just proves how tacit understanding they are, how much they have a heart.


10. McGrady 35.13 minutes, on December 9, 2004, in Houston Toyota Arena, 16,170 Houston fans were privileged to witness history. Tracy McGrady scored 13 points in 35 seconds in the final moments of the game, a three-pointer with 35 seconds, a three-and-one (three points and a free throw) with 24.3 seconds, a three-pointer with 11.2 seconds, and a three-pointer with 1.7 seconds left, and the Rockets won an 81-80 victory over the Spurs. After the game, people called this 35 seconds "T-Mac's moment.


time), calling Maddie a man who touched God.