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My confidant

2018-04-01 20:48:42

In fact, speaking of confidantes naturally start with women, men know or interact with a few women is not strange, they are sometimes at most just friends, and if the general talk of friends is a very strong time limit or time period, this kind of one-time sex also shows that friends and confidantes there is a considerable distance, the difficulty of confidant is difficult to add confidant and beauty is more difficult. So we can also imitate the great literati sigh with regret: life is also difficult to get a confidant. Confidante is a girlfriend can be more than a friend care and heart to heart, confidante is love is not sex, should be from the opposite sex of the heart and wisdom of admiration and integration, is the ultimate love of both sexes! So it seems that it is not easy to really get a confidant or very low probability, but men are also easy to do this confidant dream. Like the subtle fragrance that has drifted from long ago, she must have the beauty of ice and jade fragrance, weak bone and fiber, hand and foot, with high cultural taste, solid knowledge, good psychological quality and correct value orientation, she deeply loves you, she respects you and worships you, She may not be around you, but she is always in your heart, she knows your pain and joy best, even if you are not happy, she will quietly watch you read you, and she is using that tenderness and wisdom to shape you into a real man.


Confidant is the angel of life, she can pass through layers of masks, such as into the land of no one, into your heart, with a language you and she understand and you have soul dialogue and exchange.


With a confidant, the day is no longer so lonely and helpless. Finally, in this endless loneliness, I learned to use words to ignite the spark of my soul, and let my thoughts wander back and forth in the lines of poetry. Reconciling this bitter taste of the day, there is a quiet contentment. In the bumpy journey through the text, know the same boat, the heart cherish the bosom friend, a wonderful friendship to reach the depths of the soul, the mood in the dizzy even if it was seriously wet, they can let me safely dream.


There were so many confused nights, I could not see the hope of life in a daze, and the confused state of mind was like a bottomless void. It was they who used the words of encouragement to resolve my lost heart and let me firmly go down a road stubbornly. There have been so many lonely nights, let the lonely heart rain write my voice on the cold keyboard, it is their warm feelings to lead me to a relaxed sky, let yesterday's sadness, into today's depressed end. Once so many idle days, it is they sent intimate and warm words, the heart feels a kind of warmth and encouragement.


Now it is good to have a bosom friend who knows both cold and hot, at least my heart will not be old in the endless dark night. We pass the sincerity in time and space, and feel the warmth from afar in the distance. Though far away from the cape, there is a feeling of proximity. We are soulful friends of each other, with a touch of providence and destiny, and they have built a bridge of emotional communion in the sky of my soul. I was lucky enough to meet them on the Internet.


Friendship really does not need gorgeous overlooking, nor does it need to deliberately look up. They will silently build a high dam for me, stop the spring in the desert, a touch of the oasis of life, will be in the heart to drop open. When it rains, there is a warm umbrella on top of your head to shield you from the storm. When the body is cold, they will add a padded coat for you to keep out the cold. When you are lonely, they will scatter pieces of fragrant petals for you, read your sadness with words, and care for your heart with warmth. I am so lucky that on the road of life, I have met a confidant who can read the soul. As clear as spring water, and as warm as the sun.


Bosom friend is a kind of predestined meeting, the coincidence of the soul meeting in the crowd of hundreds of millions. Because that clear wash, will wash my little tired. Life can not have too many expectations and luxury, there are one or two confidantes enough


Thank God for his arrangement, so that his once pale heart can be interpreted and redeemed in the confidant, which is a kind of kindness in life. I am no longer melancholy, nor am I moaning with boredom. The haze of life is thus dissipated in the moistening of friendship, and a budding spring blooms on the branches of life


Who hasn't been through a long winter? Who has not been troubled by the trifles of the world? Who has not been entangled in the heart of the snow? Who has not been arbitrarily cut apart by the pain of deviating from reality? When autumn comes, the dead branches and yellow leaves fly all over the sky, do you open a door of friendship in your heart for others? Learn to sow the seeds of sincerity in mutual communication! Go through wind and rain together! Even if it is far away from the cape, it will always bring the touch of the heart!


This is my confidant! Thank you very much! My bosom friend!