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Method of selecting suitable aluminum wheel hub

2018-04-13 00:00:32

Wheels everyone is very clear, is an important part of the car, in order to ensure the safety of the car, you must choose a good wheel, now aluminum wheels are very popular, so how to choose about aluminum wheels? Today, automobile wheel repair experts teach you how to choose aluminum wheels, what are the matters that need to pay attention to?


The quality and safety performance of the wheel hub, we must look for its brand when choosing.


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Paint brightness contrast, good brand wheel paint is very vivid, some brands are to make people feel dull, coastal or wet snow and ice areas, it is necessary to choose non-corrosive all-coated aluminum ring.

Matters needing attention

In fact, because the price of aluminum alloy wheel is very high, in the use of hubcaps to beautify the wheel is also a lot of people in, and these hubcaps are mostly used to pretend to be aluminum wheels, really want to buckle the hubcaps as long as the caliber is the same, any car's hubcaps can be used, you can also choose your favorite, its quality is relatively better, otherwise it is not cost-effective!