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Mahogany furniture maintenance precautions

2018-04-14 08:00:17

Because of the slow growth of mahogany, the shortage of mahogany furniture is more precious, to make mahogany furniture durable, it is necessary to use reasonable, proper maintenance.


Mahogany furniture is different from general furniture, it should be wet, avoid drying, so mahogany furniture is particularly not suitable for exposure, avoid air conditioning blowing against furniture.


Mahogany furniture must be moderate, the storage of items in the cabinet, do not exceed the door frame, if often hard squeeze, will cause the cabinet door deformation.


The mahogany surface of the mahogany furniture is generally crisp, such as the desktop and the chair surface. Should always pay attention to prevent bruises and cracks, if in use or moving, found in the place of stress off tenon, must be re-glued and sealed before use.


Mahogany furniture is generally used for a long time, so usually we should often protect the surface coating of furniture, it is best to wipe it with a little wax every three months, not only to increase the beauty of the furniture, but also to protect the wood.


Prevents alcohol, banana water and other solvents from tipping over. Otherwise it will cause 'scars' on the surface of the furniture. When the furniture surface is stained with dirt, it should be washed with mild soapy water, after drying, and waxing again to restore the original appearance, but do not use gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and other solvent liquid wipe, otherwise it will erase the surface paint and paint.