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Mahogany furniture maintenance methods and general knowledge of the big inventory

2018-04-14 06:24:16

Mahogany furniture is usually made of more expensive hardwood, with its rarity, and at the same time both artistic and practical and deeply loved by the majority of consumers. For daily use and maintenance requirements are relatively high, different from other solid wood furniture, the correct use and maintenance methods can not only the life of mahogany furniture, but also make mahogany furniture longer and newer, longer and more precious, fully show the fine wood line and texture of precious hardwood. Mahogany furniture in different seasons, the requirements for maintenance are also different, Rhodiola Mahogany furniture to give you a specific introduction: First, mahogany furniture spring maintenance methods: in the north, spring is the most suitable season for mahogany furniture maintenance, is home "sizing" (coating) "the best season, it can be said how to maintain are not too much. Spring can be hot wax once, it is best to use natural beeswax, a full maintenance, and often touch and wipe. When using a clean cotton cloth, it must be gently wiped after bouncing off the dust on the surface of the furniture. Second, mahogany furniture summer maintenance methods: summer is more humid and humid, easy to mold, moistureproof is very important, if necessary, you can use dehumidification equipment, do not wipe furniture with wet cloth, to prevent water on the surface of furniture. In order to ensure that the surface of the wood can be freely graded, it is not appropriate to use glass plates to cover the surface of the furniture, if it must be used, rubber MATS must be used, and there is a certain gap between the glass and the surface of the furniture. Third, mahogany furniture autumn maintenance methods: autumn high air, but also mahogany furniture maintenance of one of the best season, maintenance methods and spring is basically the same, hot wax and often use the "soft grinding" method to wipe furniture. Fourth, mahogany furniture winter maintenance methods: winter is the driest, can be said to be the mahogany furniture of the "death", is the most taboo season, furniture maintenance is the most important, especially buildings and dry air indoor. Pay attention to air humidification is the key to winter maintenance. If the living room conditions permit, you can often use a wet mop to wipe the floor, increase the humidity, you can also use a humidifier to humidify. You can also place a small glass of water in the corner or under the furniture to increase the ambient humidity. In addition, growing flowers and fish indoors can also increase the humidity of the air. The placement of furniture should not be too close to the heating to avoid the expansion of furniture by heat. In addition to the above requirements, the daily use of mahogany furniture should also pay attention to the following details: (1) Mahogany furniture is different from general furniture, it should be wet, avoid drying, so mahogany furniture is particularly not exposed to the sun, avoid air conditioning blowing against the furniture. (2) Mahogany furniture must be moderate, the storage of items in the cabinet, do not exceed the door frame, if often hard squeeze, will cause the cabinet door deformation. (3) The mahogany layout of mahogany furniture is generally crisp, such as desktop, chair surface. Avoid bruising and cracking. (4) When moving or moving mahogany furniture, do not drag or pull it. It should be lifted off the ground and gently lifted to prevent splits in the stressed parts such as mortise and tenon under the legs and feet. (5) The mahogany furniture should be placed flat, the furniture as a whole should be vertical with the ground, do not have four legs on a plane, otherwise it is easy to cause the deformation of the whole furniture and the door and other parts, and eventually cause the seam to open, damaging the life of the furniture. (6) If any damage occurs in the use of mahogany furniture, it should be promptly notified to send professional maintenance, must not repair themselves, so as not to cause greater damage.