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Little Kobe teach you how to quickly create space to get rid of people

2018-02-20 11:12:00

I believe many friends like playing basketball very much, right? Big dunks, quick layups that shake people to the floor, and then spread your shoulders and say: What happened? Do you want to hold the basketball firmly in your hands and play with the gods on the court like a butterfly wearing flowers? The following series of tutorials I have written may not quickly improve you to this level, but no matter what you do, the basics are very important, so even the NBA emperor Kobe Bryant, has constantly stressed the need to continue to strengthen their basic skills


Basketball, basketball shoes, basketball court


You, the defender, the basket


It doesn't matter what area you get the ball in, or at any point in the game, as long as you have a defender close to you, then you have to hold the ball firmly, put it on your chest, and make a standard three-threat posture. So this time you are invincible state, because the opponent can not easily away from you too far or too close, you have three options to throw a sudden pass, he does not know what you will choose, so he is very nervous


Do the above step, the defender's threat to you will be minimized, at this time you can do a dummy crossover break; Say, with the left foot as the supporting foot, the right foot to the right step, the defender will react, he will follow your body posture at this time to move the weight to the left of his body, but you suddenly stop the castration, pull the right leg back to the left


After that, the defender's center of gravity has been deviated, too late to follow you, you can break to the left. Pay attention to the protection of the ball, easy three-step layup with legs, then attacking the basket looks not so difficult, it is as simple as that

Matters needing attention

one When holding the ball for the first time, pay attention to be real, not to shake people and do fake action, fake action to deceive people, must be half of the real action to stop. Throw the shot halfway down your body, so you can trick people into losing their center of gravity


two When breaking through people before the layup, pay attention to protect the ball and prevent the ball from being discharged from behind, in order to improve the success rate


Three. Success is accumulated bit by bit, to, repeated practice every day, there will be great improvement