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Little details on the king's singles method

2018-04-08 14:24:40

The game has been accompanying our growth, the following is a small series to teach you how to play the game, I hope you can have a good game experience ~





The suppression of the single development of the line shooter, here is more focused on the skills of the line, but now the side shooters have been difficult to see, in the face of the battle tank as much as possible to find the opportunity to use the blind area of the grass to approach the other side consumption, do not blindly clear the soldiers under the military station tower and so on the next wave, so that you will only make yourself a little bit in the passive, do not rush to kill, Because the opponent's aid may be waiting for you in the blind area of your vision, pay attention to the position of the opponent's single aid in the minimap before anti-buff, master the refresh of the opponent's red buff, and convert the advantage gained from online consumption into a guarantee of entering the wild area.


Medium with line control, with line control premise is that you can play 1V1 over 1V2 can not run, so the basic skills here are very important, the soldier line with the river is to support the middle or continue to take can break the tower, or on the opposite side of the single defense you can not kill, or the opposite side will be a group to catch you this is to be analyzed, no brain line will make you the best to send the head.


The division is based on a large part of the following factors: their own resilience, which will give you an advantage in the case of line consumption exchange. Mobility, the opening of the enemy to play field assistance with the gank can you withdraw from the whole body, the soldier line advantage in time to support.


Single pick ability, because the single eat all the way the soldier line plus their own blue zone birds river crabs and enemy red zone, the economy of the single will not be very bad with the economic guarantee in the case of 1v1 will not be opposite.


The ability to clear troops is reflected in two aspects, when defending, it can ensure the survival of the defense tower, and when attacking, the efficiency of clearing the line to squat in the red zone or support the middle, and sometimes even require us to break the line. The non-shooter's superior performance against the shooter makes the version without the T5 side non-warrior hero.

Matters needing attention

Although the game is good, don't indulge