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Jindo experience sharing three secrets of social media KPI test

2018-04-13 08:00:43

In today's social media hot nowadays, everyone and many other websites are facing the same corporate account "brush powder" phenomenon. But today we're going to teach business managers how to change your KPIs to capture the real benefits that social media can bring.


Tip # 1: Focus on trends, not numbers. In view of the current phenomenon of brushing powder on the platform, enterprises should not only pay attention to the number of fans that exist on the surface when asking the operator to give feedback, but should ask the operator to provide the change trend in the number of fans over a period of time (: a week) to prevent the phenomenon of brushing powder, that is, the number of fans skyrocketing and plummeting, and so on. Through the analysis of the trend chart, we can pay attention to the changes in the number of fans on the social media platform.


This article is based on experience


Secret # 3: Combine from online to offline. The ultimate purpose of the operation and promotion of most enterprises' online platforms is to achieve their marketing purposes. Therefore, in order to test how much dividends social media can bring to the enterprise, which is the public account controlled by the operator, why not consider a shift from online to offline? My suggestion is: on the one hand, you can conduct offline fan activities according to the list of active fans. In the event to bring fans benefits, but also for their own brand publicity, face to face to listen to fans on products and services suggestions and opinions; On the other hand, companies can synchronize offline activities with online activities, such as setting up "walls" at the conference site to interact with fans.

Matters needing attention

In summary, most of the best social marketing campaigns are a combination of online and offline. The feedback and collection of some subjective opinions and information can break the deadlock of operation review, find the real core fan users of the enterprise, and clarify how much "social dividends" their social media can bring to the brand.