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Jasmine Comics' uneasy couple

2018-02-21 14:24:00

Lovers in the prime of their life, hard work but also can not get to the end of the money, although not young and promising, the guilt for you is my inferiority under the missing happiness. Listen to Li Ronghao song always have a few words silently hit to the heart! It is foolish for a boy to feel inferior because of lack of material things! The girl who really loves you doesn't care about you now, but depends on whether you have the courage to promise to fulfill: to support each other for a lifetime, love and love. Rich or poor!


Pencils, erasers, watercolors, brushes


White paper


Draw two opposite butterfly shapes on the white paper with a pencil, and draw butterfly antennae and wings. Draw two faces on each side of the butterfly, a woman on the left and a man on the right. Use a pen to draw the eyebrows, nose and neck of the character. Use a pencil to trace the woman's eyes. The woman's eyes are closed.


Let's draw the man's eyes, and the man's eyes are also closed. Draw the couple's features and hairstyle, focusing on the downturned corners of the mouth. Two people look sad under the quarrel, butterfly wings with a pen to draw the inner pattern,


The woman's hairstyle is a shawl long hair in the middle, the man is a short hair, with a pen to draw the man's fringe, the hair is superimposed from the fringe to the top of the head, the overall direction of the hair should be consistent. Draw a horizontal line between two people and write the word double shadow.


Start painting below, using pink and blue watercolors for the background, and flesh pink watercolors for the skin of the men and women. Seemingly separated by a pair of bi people, the color of watercolor is likened to the category of emotion, which has been integrated into each other's aspects.