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Is the art of painting and calligraphy really unattainable?

2018-02-21 16:00:00

For a long time, most people have a common misunderstanding about calligraphy and painting -- that most paintings and calligraphy are expensive and unattainable, and the average person cannot afford...... Throughout the dazzling painting and calligraphy market, many famous paintings and calligraphy are overly packaged with words such as "100 million yuan" and "sky-high price", not only offline painting and calligraphy trading, but also many online painting and calligraphy trading platforms are chaotic...... The master's paintings and paintings, cheap and rough prints, which are wantonly inflated, are regrettable. Therefore, for lovers of calligraphy and painting, it is extremely valuable to find a share in the chaos of calligraphy and painting, break through the unattainable art of calligraphy and painting, and finally obtain excellent works that are affordable to the people.


Pen and ink impression original painting platform


To the middle price, so that painters and calligrapher independent pricing on the market many painting and calligraphy works are traded through middlemen, auction houses, a treasure, a east, etc., one ring after another, for the benefit of earning many intermediate differences, making the value of painting and calligraphy unrecognizable and unattainable. A good painting and calligraphy platform should respect the right of every painter and calligrapher to speak about the price of the original work, and they can set prices independently according to the cost of the work and the market situation, to ensure that every high-quality original painting and calligraphy art is affordable and approachable.


Do not let painting and calligraphy works become hype of commercial painting and calligraphy works ≠ painting and calligraphy goods, and now the painting and calligraphy market replicas, high imitation products and so on are flooded, so that many original painting and calligraphy works gradually lose the pure artistry, and become little different from ordinary commodities - wantless price, high price, rising commodity attributes. "Original no price difference, art purchase at ease", the painting and calligraphy market needs such, they can make the value of painting and calligraphy works play to the extreme, so that it can return to the pure and true artistic attributes, not subject to the muddy material desire, do not disturb the artistic creation of painting and calligraphy works.


The price of calligraphy and painting close to the people should also be tall on the "old Wang Xetang before Yan, flying into the homes of ordinary people." Let art close to you and me, our painting and calligraphy works are the art of life. As far as the average person's aesthetic appreciation of calligraphy and painting art is limited, the understanding is limited, but there is no doubt that everyone loves and accepts the works of elegance and popular appreciation, especially the beautiful and inexpensive calligraphy and painting works. Under the premise of satisfying the pure style and elegant style, calligraphy and painting works should be priced as practical and realistic art products that are close to the people. It is a particularly suitable choice for calligraphy and painting lovers to collect or integrate into the ordinary people's calligraphy and painting soft clothing. There is no obscure pride, there is a quiet literary elegance of the charm.


In the vast painting and calligraphy market, a variety of bad consumption experience has made many painting and calligraphy lovers take a lot of detcorners, dare not buy or buy works with unequal prices and values, which is bitter, and for these, if there is a good professional painting and calligraphy trading platform, perhaps the problem can be solved. The original intention of the Pen and Ink Impression original painting and calligraphy trading platform is to provide excellent original painting and calligraphy with a price friendly to the people, break the traditional understanding that painting and calligraphy art is unattainable through high cost performance, and let more people enjoy original painting and calligraphy with a high ratio. The value of painting and calligraphy works lies in how much the essence of the soul of the painter and calligrapher is immersed, and the smooth movement and spirit are permeated in the works. We hope that more high-quality and real original painting and calligraphy works can be close to you and me through the platform of pen and ink impression, break the traditional impression of "unattainable and high", and enter ordinary people.

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