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Improve the heat dissipation performance of electronic products

2018-05-13 14:24:43

With the rapid development of today's electronic technology, electronic components continue to miniaturize and denser development, and their own power is also constantly improving, making the heat generated by the unit area of electronic products continues to increase, if the heat can not be distributed in time, it will form local high temperature, so that electronic components fail, affect its working stability and even shorten the service life. Relevant studies have shown that when the temperature of electronic components increases by 2 ° C, its reliability will decrease by 10%, such as when the operating temperature reaches 50 ° C, the life will also be reduced to about 1/6 of 25 ° C, so how to improve the heat dissipation performance of electronic products is currently a very important problem.


At present, the heat dissipation performance of electronic products is not ideal because the designed heat dissipation structure is not perfect, so in the current situation, to further improve the heat dissipation capacity of electronic products, electronic potting-sealing adhesive can be used, because electronic potting-sealing adhesive has good thermal conductivity, and can become an excellent heat conduction medium after curing, and efficiently conduct the heat of electronic products on the heat dissipation shell. Heat dissipation, and itself also has excellent heat dissipation ability, not only can be good heat dissipation, but also can play the role of moisture, dust and shock resistance, so the application of electronic potting adhesive in electronic products is more and more extensive.


There are many types of electronic potting adhesives, the most commonly used materials are epoxy resin, polyurethane and silicone, of which silicone electronic potting adhesives have the best performance, because silicone electronic potting adhesives have excellent cold and thermal shock resistance, electrical performance and insulation ability and high thermal conductivity, after curing, can play a waterproof, anti-seismic, flame retardant and heat dissipation role. To the market of "ZS-GF-5299E" silicone electronic potting adhesive analysis, it can withstand -60℃ ~ 200℃ cold and thermal shock, no cracking, to ensure the moisture resistance of electronic products, and thermal conductivity, excellent impact resistance, can be widely used in all kinds of electronic products.