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I recommend you a good reborn novel

2018-03-30 01:36:20

Reborn novel is a relatively popular novel theme recently, because this kind of novel novel ideas, fit the life customs of the city, so very popular, then what are the reborn novel? The following is an introduction to this aspect.


"Legend of Rebirth" : In 2003, Zhou Xingwen returned to 1986 when he was 3 years old for an extremely ridiculous reason. He embraced it, started over, and the twists and turns of the next 20 years turned from the known to the unknown. This novel is the originator of the "rebirth stream", after which various rebirth novels began to emerge one after another with far-reaching influence.


"Rebirth of the Great Nirvana" : This novel won the starting new king in 2010, as of 2016, the author has won the starting new king title is only ten people, this new king is still very gold.


Industrial Overlord: The story tells the story of Lin Zhenhua, a graduate student in the department of mechanics, who travels back to 1979 and becomes a young worker. Lin Zhenhua decided to change the future through his own efforts. With a solid technical foundation and some foresight of history, Lin Zhenhua led the workers and masters to sweat and create a heavy industry across Europe and Asia, achieving a legendary story of industrial supremacy.


A young sales manager, Lin Wanrong, and his female boss accidentally fall off a cliff while traveling and arrive in a completely different world (similar to the Song or Ming Dynasty of ancient China), becoming a glorious gardener in the Xiao family mansion - the first Ding in the world (later awarded by the emperor for his meritworthiness).


"Amber Sword" : tells the story of a veteran warrior with the memory of rebirth, through to their own struggle to reverse the context of history in the world, the story of domination.


"The Most Sacred of Confucianism and Taoism" : The protagonist Fang Yun came from the rebirth, with the 5000 years of Chinese civilization in his mind, various poems and texts, leading the human race on the road. This novel is a classic novel of a hundred streams, which can also be said to have created the "Confucian and Taoist stream".


"The strongest abandon little" : Ye Mo and Luo Ying were originally located in a small school of God medicine gate in the Luo Moon continent, because of a mysterious medicine tripod, God medicine gate was destroyed by people. And both Luo Ying and Yamer were reborn to Earth.

Matters needing attention

The fiction of the rebirth novel is relatively large, the author can do whatever he wants, how to write how to play, as long as it can cater to the tastes of readers.