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Hydrating anti-wrinkle moisturizing mask which is good?

2018-03-07 16:00:00

Moisture is the first element of beautiful skin, whitening, sun protection, oil control, light spots, etc., are completed on the basis of hydration and moisturizing. Especially in the dry autumn, the skin is short of water and weak in repair, so it needs careful care. Nowadays, there are many kinds of skin care products on the market, and the mask alone can be dazzling, and the effect is uneven, and the bad selection will cause harm to the skin. We selected two facial masks with hydrating and anti-wrinkle effects on the market ---- The Name of Pamper Tongyin Hydrating Mask and Olofei Hydrating Bio-Fiber Mask for comparison, which one is better?


Comparison of ingredients: The name of the name of the pet skin Moisturizing mask added precious blue copper peptide ingredient, is the only peptide that can pass through the stratum corneum, with top quick repair power, anti-inflammatory effect, reduce scar formation, accelerate wound repair. In addition, blue copper peptides can make collagen fibroblasts grow rapidly, accelerate collagen production, activate aging stem cells, tighten skin and reduce fine lines. The main components of Olofil Biofiber mask are PCA, potassium, sugar, polyphenols and other trace elements. Potassium regulates skin permeability and sugar maintains skin moisture. In terms of composition, this mask with precious blue copper is more attractive, and its effect on skin beauty is self-evident, while this mask of Olofai Zhen Yan Hydrating biological fiber mask pays more attention to the supplement of skin nutrition.


Moisturizing effect: The girl who often applies the mask must have encountered this problem, that is, the hydration feeling is very strong when applying the mask, but not long after removing the mask, the skin is dry and tight. This is because most masks can only play the role of surface hydration, and the water lock is not good. And the name of the pet of the Tong Yan water light mask has activated the water cycle technology mechanism, the use of three molecules of hyaluronic acid on the skin to catch water, hydrate, lock water. In addition to giving the skin surface more effective moisturizing and moisturizing, it can further help the skin bottom automatically grasp water, start the self-water circulation, and moisturize all day long. Olofr Biofiber Mask also has a threefold moisturizing mechanism, one is to establish water channels in the skin by synthesizing protein 3, the second is to regulate the water in the cells by osmosis, and the third is to retain water by strengthening the skin barrier. From the point of view of the moisturizing mechanism, the name of the favor of the three molecular hyaluronic acid hydration mechanism is more deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the olofei triple moisturizing mechanism feels slightly far-off, although the two masks have hydrating and moisturizing function, but the name of the favor of hyaluronic acid hydration mechanism is more realistic, and the skin can hear the sound of drinking water.