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How to whiten your skin in late autumn to make you cold and still beautiful

2018-04-15 00:00:50

The late autumn season is when the skin is dry and needs to be replenished with moisture, and every girl who loves beauty wants a delicate skin to make herself look nice. How to do a good job of whitening skin care is a necessary lesson for girls, the following Xiaobian to share with you how to maintain the skin in autumn and winter, so that you can shine in the cold season.


One: Clean the skin before going to sleep at night must clean the skin, try to choose a mild face soap, use the middle finger and index finger in the part from top to bottom, from inside to outside gently massage. Oily skin can get good results with a face brush. Be sure to wash it off after massage.


Two: Add an appropriate amount of vinegar to the warm bath water


Add an appropriate amount of vinegar to the warm bath water before going to bed, and it will be especially comfortable after the bath. Mix vinegar with glycerin 5:1 and rub frequently to soften rough skin.


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Four: Avoid overeating at dinner


At dinner, if you eat too much, it will lead to blood concentration in the stomach when you sleep, so that the face of the blood volume is reduced, affecting the skin color. Try to avoid or a small amount of salt intake, and it is best not to drink alcohol, so that you can avoid puffiness around the face and eyes in the morning.

Warm reminder

If you want your skin to be white and tender, don't miss these folk beauty and skin care methods, which can make your skin not afraid of the oppression of winter, let you have a beautiful white face, and become a beauty master. The content of the reference website is constantly updated, we can go to see, more skin care methods! Reference materials!

Matters needing attention

Don't eat too much for dinner!