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How to use blood glucose tester

2018-04-22 03:12:20

The small and simple operation of the blood sugar tester is essential for patients with high blood sugar to travel at home. For their own health, do not ignore their blood sugar, do regular checks and pay more attention.


Open the package, remove the glucose meter, install the battery, adjust the data, and wait for the test.


This article is based on experience


Wash hands with warm water, dry them, and disinfect the blood site with a 75% alcohol cotton ball.


Open the aluminum foil bag of the test strip or open the test strip bottle and take out the test strip.


Insert the electrical end of the test strip into the glucose meter, the instrument makes a short "breakdown" prompt sound, and the blood drop symbol flashes, indicating that the blood sample can be inhaled to the top of the test strip.


Extrude the blood sample, make the blood sample into a drop shape on the finger, the blood sample will be automatically sucked into the reaction chamber of the test strip, when the blood sample is full, the instrument will issue a short "breakdown" prompt sound, remove the finger, the instrument will automatically start the test and enter the countdown.


The used test paper can not be used, do not use the hand to take, you can use backspace, directly exit, you can, put in the trash can. The whole process is complete.

Matters needing attention

If a bottle test strip is used, record the date of first opening on the bottle when opening the test strip. Close the bottle immediately after removing the test strip to prevent moisture. After the test bottle is opened, the test strip will be used up within 3 months, otherwise the test value will be deviated.