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How to understand the structure and function of ultra-low frequency high voltage generator

2018-04-24 11:12:51

Ultra-low frequency insulation withstand voltage test is actually an alternative to power frequency withstand voltage test. In the power frequency voltage test of large and medium-sized machines, motors, power cables and other test products, because their insulation layer presents a large capacitance, so a large capacity of the test transformer or resonant transformer is needed. Such huge equipment, not only bulky, high cost, but also very inconvenient to use. In order to solve this contradiction, the method of reducing the test frequency and thereby reducing the test power supply capacity is widely used in the world. From many years of theory and practice, it has been proved that using 0.1Hz ultra-low frequency voltage withstand test instead of power frequency voltage test, not only can have the same equivalence, but also the volume of the equipment is greatly reduced, the weight is greatly reduced, the theoretical capacity is about 500% of the power frequency, and the operation is simple. This is the main reason why this method is widely adopted in developed countries. Ultra-low frequency high voltage generator using the latest power electronic components and microcomputer technology, further reduce the size and weight of the equipment, fool operation, more stable performance, to overcome the first generation of mechanical booster short service life, high failure rate, large volume shortcomings. According to the actual situation of China's power system, the National Development and Reform Commission has formulated the "35kV and below crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable ultra-low frequency (0.1Hz) voltage test method" industry standard, in 2004 promulgated the power industry standard "Ultra-low frequency high voltage generator general technical conditions DL/T 849.4-2004", The latest test method is being popularized in our country. Understanding the structure and function of ultra-low frequency high voltage generator is to facilitate detection, how to understand the structure and function? More on this below


Power supply: 220V±10%, 50±5%Hz Note: If the portable power supply is used, the output voltage and frequency of the machine are required to be stable (generally, the power is required to be greater than 3kW, the frequency is 50Hz, and the voltage is 220V±5%), otherwise some auxiliary measures should be used to stabilize the output of the machine.


Output voltage accuracy: Output high voltage peak instability: ≤1% Output voltage frequency instability: ≤3% Output voltage waveform distortion: < 5%


Operating environment: Temperature -100C ~ +400C, humidity ≤85%RH


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