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How to tie a Hanfu belt

2018-02-19 19:12:00

Recently, many friends have asked about how to tie the Hanfu belt, and today's experience will talk about this topic, hoping to help friends in need.


Place the bottom skirt on your body, wrap your waist around the front, and tie a cross knot in the middle.


This knot divides the tether into left and right sides, and the right side of the tether is about 1 or 2.


If the size is right or the back is difficult to pull through, spread your finger across the circle of the lanyard through the hole in the lanyard, grab the remaining string between your index finger and thumb, and pull the remaining lanyard out.


Pull out and then tighten, mainly with the other hand to pull the other side of the band, pull tight.


Tie the left side the same way.