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How to tell if a rabbit is pregnant

2018-04-01 01:36:05

Today, Xiaobian will share with you how to determine whether a rabbit is pregnant.


Male rabbits were used to examine female rabbits. After 4 days of breeding, the female rabbit is placed in the cage of the male rabbit in the specific operation room, and if the female rabbit makes a cooing sound and refuses to approach the male rabbit, it indicates that the female rabbit is pregnant.


Pet the mother rabbit. About 4-5 days after the breeding of the mother rabbit, if the breeder is close to the mother rabbit or pet the mother rabbit when he hears the mother rabbit cooing, or is not willing to pet, it means that the mother rabbit is pregnant.


Observe the mother rabbit braising grass. After 6-7 days of breeding, the female rabbit can put grass on the grass rack of the cage, and wait until the evening when the female rabbit ploughed the grass of the grass rack to the side of the cage, so that the female rabbit is pregnant, but it must be different from the false pregnancy.


Observe whether the female rabbit scratches the floor. About 7 days after the breeding of the female rabbit, the pregnant female rabbit has the instinctive characteristics of nesting and making holes, and will intermittently plane on the bottom of the cage, doing the position of digging and stealing holes.


To observe whether the daily intake of food and water of female rabbits increased. About 9 days after the female rabbit mating, the amount of food will increase than usual, with the continuous growth of the fetus, the female rabbit's appetite and water desire also gradually increased, thereby increasing the amount of food and drinking water.


Observe the degree of rabbit fur. The mother rabbit is pregnant about 10 days, the degree of hair will increase, more than half a month to increase significantly, more than 20 days of hair bright, hair root is loose, breast will have milk, this method is more accurate detection, but should be determined early to supplement the breeding.


Test the pussy of the female rabbit. Female rabbit breeding for more than 7 days can detect the female rabbit pussy, if the cherry shape will have red swelling, this is the pregnancy phenomenon, if there is no pregnancy, the method can be combined with the reaction of the female rabbit planing grass and planing cage bottom plate.


The weight of female rabbits was detected. The mother rabbit is pregnant for about 20 days, with the growth of the fetus, the rear abdomen of the mother rabbit will increase significantly, and the weight will gradually increase.