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How to tell a real teddy dog from a fake one

2018-03-29 12:48:58

Teddy dog actually refers to the poodle, and the reason for the name Teddy. It refers to a decorative style of the poodle. Small and cute like a teddy bear. So to identify the real and fake teddy dogs, you need to distinguish the poodle pedigree and teddy style. In addition, there is a difference between toy teddy and mini teddy, which is slightly larger and slightly lower in price after adulthood.


Choose a smaller body size, preferably no more than 8 pounds, so that you can pick up readily, and have a teddy feel. So teddy dogs should be small at first


Sufficient amount of hair, good crimp. The "Teddy poodle" hair is best in small rolls, similar to the wool of sheep cake (when buying a puppy, observe the hair at the end of the puppy's ears, the more curly the better) the teddy dog must have curly hair to have that kind of charm, so this is very important.


The mouth should not be too long, the general poodle some will have a long mouth and quite indicators, but as a "teddy poodle", a short and small mouth is better, so that after leaving hair in the future, it will look like a ball.


Poodles come in a variety of colors, but to be more like Teddy. The best colors for teddy dogs are dark colors - red, chocolate, black or apricot are all good choices, but white teddy is also cute


Shapely body, dark, oval eyes, very clever eyes. Teddy is a very intelligent breed of dog so Teddy can be very intelligent and lovable.


Dog parents, if you can see the dog's parents is also a good reference. What a dog looks like as an adult depends on both parents, with 60 percent coming from the mother and 40 percent from the father. And adult teddy is more able to refer to mini teddy or toy teddy, but some businesses also have more techniques here, so word-of-mouth reputation is an important reference


In terms of price, generally do not covet small and cheap, go to the regular pet or market with a reputation to buy.