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How to spend a meaningful college life?

2018-04-14 17:36:05

College is an amazing place where you can hang out with people from all over the world, you can learn everything you want to learn, and the changes in the way parents and teachers manage you have given you more freedom. But if you want to have a meaningful college life, you need to pay attention to the following:


Independent learning, can not degenerate. When I go to college, I am not around my parents, and my teaching methods are very different from those in high school. Countless college students take a nose-dive in their freshman year. Don't be fooled by those who say they can have fun when they go to college. Do you want to be expelled for failing too many grades? In the university, you have few people, you must study independently, stay away from the dormitory, go to the library, go to the classroom, listen to more lectures, read more books, knowledge is the capital of your future.


Fine sleep, do not get angry. It is recommended to buy an eye mask and earplugs, most of the roommates in the dorm work and rest times are different from you, may be when you want to sleep, it is their energetic game time, late night snack time. Maybe your roommate still fights with his date late into the night. Never get angry, at most you can remind the other person. College four years, under normal circumstances, the counselor will not give you a change of dormitory. Your four-year college experience won't be much better if you break up with your roommate. When you want to sleep, wear an eye mask, ear plugs, isolation. Let them eat their chicken, talk, and leave you alone. The exquisite sleep you deserve.


Expand contacts, enrich knowledge. College is a gathering place of talent, maybe your roommates, your classmates, what kind of identity will be in the future. China is a place of human feelings, two people with similar ability levels to apply, one knows the boss, one has no contacts, who do you think will be successful? College is a place to expand your network, and every classmate around you may be a lifesaver when you get into trouble in the future. In college, it is not necessary to learn the knowledge of your major all the time. To enrich themselves, all kinds of knowledge can be learned, finance, programming, psychology and so on.