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How to set up intimate relationships (couples, girlfriends, gay friends)

2018-03-31 00:00:58

Version 8.0.8 added a new feature that can set intimate relationships for friends, and these relationships can be lovers, can be girlfriends, can also be gay friends, can make friends appear more intimate. So, how do you set up intimacy?



How to set up intimate relationships (couples, girlfriends, gay friends)

The author here to set the intimate relationship of couples as an example to introduce to you, we open, click on the top left corner of the home page of the personal profile picture


On the menu page that is displayed, select Settings


Go to the Settings page and click Privacy


In the open privacy Settings page, we can see the intimate relationship


At this time, we can see in the open intimate relationship page, there are currently couples, girlfriends, gay friends, the author here to choose a couple, click on the invitation


In the open page, we can select friends from the recent people, or directly search for the name of friends, or click Select friends, find and add friends


After selecting a friend, the system will automatically send the information to open the space of couples to friends, after the friend agrees to open, you can show the intimate relationship of friends, other intimate relationship Settings are similar, the author is not introduced here