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How to run a Luosifen

2018-03-28 20:48:36

As a kind of characteristic food, snail noodle is progressing very fast in the catering market, more projects are spread all over the country, and it has become a popular venture capital project, and want to invest in a snail noodle, but many entrepreneurs have the same doubts, how to open snail noodle? How to manage Luosifen is a problem that every entrepreneur is thinking about. Today, we will share some business skills for you. As long as you master these skills, you will be able to achieve business success.


1, the characteristics of Luosifen: Luosifen is a special snack, we will find large and small Luosifen all over the streets. The main characteristics of Luosifen are fragrant, spicy and hemp. Luosifen is called "Luosifen" because its soup is made of Luosifen. Outsiders may not be used to the spicy and fishy taste of snail noodle soup, which is the biggest characteristic of snail noodle. Carefully cooked Luosixiang soup has a unique flavor of clear but not light, numb but not dry, hot but not fire, fragrant but not greasy.


2, the location: open, choose to open the address is very important, especially in the catering industry, must be in the popular enough, high population density of the lot, such as: shopping malls, schools, railway stations and other locations.


3, authentic Luosifen: The catering industry, the most important thing is delicious, authentic, in order to attract more diners. Therefore, a chain such as this spiral rice noodle must have professional personnel to make spiral rice noodle. If the biggest characteristics of spiral rice noodle are lost, there is no difference between it and ordinary rice noodle.


3, service: the so-called customer is God, service is always the most important, you respect others, others will respect you, you really to the customer, the customer will really like you. Many small details can determine how others perceive you, so pay attention to them;


4, the details of the dining environment determine success or failure, for Luosifen, the dining environment is very important. The dining environment not only refers to environmental hygiene, but also includes the following points: first, two fast, respectively, fast meal speed; Clear the table quickly. The speed of the meal must be fast, generally not more than 2 minutes; Clear the table quickly, in order to improve the turnover rate. Second, don't skimp on consumables. The consumable products here refer to tea, boiled water, napkins, etc., when the consumer comes, it is necessary to pour warm water, and give the consumer more napkins when the meal is served. Its purpose is to make consumers comfortable dining. Third, the appearance of the waiter must be clean, and must be clever, sweet, otherwise encounter some trouble consumers, it is likely that very small things will cause huge losses.


5, the promotion of Luosifen new opening, the first thing to do is popularity, so there are often some activities, the more practical is to give interest activities, but can not directly give interest, but let consumers enjoy the discount will come back, consumer coupon is the most common practice, as long as the food in Luosifen is good, basically can retain consumers, let them become repeat customers. There is also a point activity, prepare some small gifts to attract children consumers, or top-up gifts, plus gifts and concessions, so that consumers who have only come to patronize once become long-term consumers.