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How to receive guests

2018-05-14 16:00:06

When a guest arrives unexpectedly or has an appointment in advance, how should the host greet the guest?


1, take the initiative to welcome the initiative to offer your seat: if it is a guest who has an appointment in advance to come to the home, as the host to prepare for a few minutes in advance, show respect and welcome, if there is no appointment in advance, suddenly a guest comes, to actively offer your seat, welcome.


2, tea pouring: After the guests sit down, to actively offer tea pouring water, there are men to give men smoke, there are children can be some fruit, sunflower seeds, sugar and other things.


3, active conversation and sit: after the guests sit down, they should also sit down, talk with the guests, can not do other things, if you are watching TV, to turn off some sound appropriately.


4, understand the recent situation and ask questions: Wait for guests to speak, listen carefully, and respond positively, talk about the family first, ask about the recent situation, narrow the relationship between people, make the conversation atmosphere harmonious.


5, do not do the improper behavior of the guest: the guest comes, can not do the behavior or expression of the guest, such as: do not welcome, express dissatisfaction, do not pour the tea, the guest does not speak with the response, the guest does not sit down, start to do their own things, cool the guest on the side, or pour the tea too full, start cleaning the house, sweeping the floor, etc., these are improper behavior.


6, when sending guests to send out of the house: guests get up to go, see the time, whether it is a meal point, to retain the appropriate, guests do have something to go, to send the guests to the door, guests can go home, guests have not gone out, go far, they are busy closing the door and so on.