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How to open the BMW z4 convertible?

2018-02-22 06:24:00

The BMW Z4 is a convertible in the BMW series, the Z4 has a long hood, a very comfortable seat, and the more noticeable is the upward tilt of the tail, which looks a little more imperious.


In terms of appearance, the BMW Z4 and other BMW series of design cars are more special than the combination of tough and elegant, and more special is that no matter from which Angle, you can see the strong change of light and shadow.


Power BMW Z4 engine in line six cylinder engine, the maximum power of 145 kW, power coupled with its smg serial transmission, so that the speed is less than 6 seconds, although the conditions are difficult, but the engine is very stable.


We all know that the BMW Z4 is a convertible, and its convertible button is right next to the center console, the one in the middle, and you have to press and hold the button to release the trunk lid.


Cover button The cover button of BMW Z4 is the button next to the convertible button. It takes about 20 seconds to complete the operation. After the operation is completed, the roof component will be stored in the box.


When we want to drive a BMW Z4, to check whether the vehicle is leaking oil, first move the car away from the parking place to see if there are traces of oil in the original position. If so, further investigation is needed.


When we were driving the BMW Z4, sometimes the tires were punctured. However, as far as possible, do not use the tire self-replenishment, because there will be an unbalanced state during high-speed driving, which seriously affects the vehicle.


When we drive the BMW Z4, many people will glide in neutral. First of all, we must know that the glide in neutral will not save fuel at all, and when you are fast but hang against, the impact is too large, which will cause parts damage.