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How to lose weight healthily to become lean physique

2018-04-14 11:12:52

I believe that many people in the weight loss will have a misunderstanding, that is, hunger strike to lose weight. This way of losing weight is undoubtedly the fastest way to drop numbers, but it is not a long-term method, we need to learn or find more effective methods


Drinking water properly, rather than blindly drinking more water, is more conducive to health and weight loss. Drinking water is good, according to scientific research, drinking 1.5 liters of water a day can burn 17,400 calories a year, equivalent to losing about 4.5 pounds! But also can not drink too much, because drinking too much water, can not metabolize the water, it is easy to gather in the body, edema phenomenon. Especially at night before going to bed, it is not recommended to drink too much water


Many people hit a plateau during weight loss, because when you do the same exercise every day, your body will gradually adapt to your exercise intensity and pattern, and as you lose weight, the same amount of exercise will burn fewer calories. And then you hit a plateau. Therefore, the exercise during weight loss, it is best to arrange 2-3 kinds, and then alternate is the best.


According to the Chinese Dietary Guidelines, people are encouraged to eat a variety of dairy products each day, with a total of about 300 grams of liquid milk. Scientists have long confirmed that calcium is one of the important elements that promote fat burning. So it's important to eat dairy every day.


This information comes from experience


Eat more grains daily intake of grain potato food 250-400g, of which whole grains and beans 50-150g, potatoes 50-100g