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How to learn CAD drawing

2018-04-02 09:36:24

AutoCad is a very commonly used drawing software, users can use AutoCad easily draw a lot of engineering drawings, but also a lot of staff must master a software, especially in the mechanical and construction industries, need to draw a large number of CAD drawings. Next, let's take a look at how to learn CAD drawing.




The right computer


First of all, we download and install AutoCad and enter the drawing page of AutoCad. In the drawing window, we need to master the shortcut command bar below, which has tools such as capture and grid, which need to switch back and forth frequently used commands.


Familiar with some basic shortcut commands, we need to master certain drawing commands, the simplest "L (line)" line tool, enter "L" press the space bar to enter the line command.


Enter the line command, we can click the mouse to determine the starting point and end point of the line, so as to draw the line, the line is very free, can be drawn in any direction.


If we want to draw a horizontal and vertical line, then we can turn on the orthogonal lock of CAD, press F8 to turn on, after turning on the orthogonal lock, all the drawing and movement can only be carried out horizontally and vertically.


When drawing or moving in AutoCad, we can select the target, directly enter a value for moving, draw a straight line to determine the starting point, directly enter a value and press the space bar.


As you can see, the system will automatically draw the corresponding length of the line, which can help us draw our graph more accurately, or move the graph accurately.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience

Matters needing attention

AutoCad and many drawing software can be imported into each other.


Original experience, thank you for your support.