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How to go shopping for Christmas 2010 in Japan

2018-06-10 17:36:00

It's Christmas and beautiful women love to go to Japan to shop for fashion, bags, cosmetics and digital products...... As soon as you arrive in Japan, you will shop until you can't carry the big bags, and what are the skills to go shopping? Bright night view of Tokyo


Shinjuku features: large shopping malls, flagship high concentration for the crowd: shopping frenzy index: ★★★★★ No, to Tokyo must visit Shinjuku. Here you can meet all the imagination of Tokyo, dazzling billboards, attractive shops, all kinds of hipsters, here is how many people lost in Tokyo.


Kichijoji Ichijoji Features: Park Promenade Suitable for people: Literary youth rage Index: ★★★ Like Shinjuku and Shibuya, there are chain shopping malls and exclusive stores here, and the scale is very large, providing convenience for the nearby middle class residents. Housing in Tokyo is extremely expensive, and spacious living comes at a staggering cost. So many middle-class families choose to buy land in the suburbs, build their own houses, and commute by subway every day. Because Tokyo's rail transit system is very developed, there is a large transportation hub just a few residential blocks away, including commercial facilities, so life and work are very convenient.


Shibuya features: small shopping malls, selling young people's gadgets suitable for the crowd: boys and girls rage index: ★★★★ ★ The shopping mall here does not have the kind of domineer Shinjuku, youthful atmosphere, is the place where Tokyo's boys and girls must visit. In addition to fashionable clothes, you can often find new gadgets. For tourists, those strange new human beings are also a big point of view, magazines often see the miniskirt student girl, tan skin "chocolate girl", there are a lot.


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